Time to crank up the rage machine folks

This has gotten beyond ridiculous can nothing go off without a bug. Make us use special gear that other S Class dont need to be leveled then on the first drop its messed up. Tell us why anyone should put money into this scam? And why do our free S Class get treated differently than any other one?


Um they get treated differently because it’s a free s class would u rather it take us 88 days just to get it and just be able to level it up as we please or do u just want everything without working for it and yea they do need to fix the issues with almost everything new

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I’d rather they never did a reset and masked it as something else lol


Yea maybe instead of the s class being only completely new toons old 6 stars should be able to be upgraded through f2p ways that you would just have to grind or have the option pay to get more quicker

Trade 2 of the same maxed 6 star for an S class version of it. Exactly the same as before but with S class stats. If kept the same it wouldn’t take long at all to program for Scopely. And it would help players out big time. Wont happen though.

Let’s rage doods!


Giving this s class toon out was a mistake. It just everyone how unbeliavblely OP these toons are (even at t1) and let’s be honest, f2p/casual spenders aren’t getting their hands on another one for a very long time.


Well I’m f2p and I’m almost half way to my first Priya but yea it will probably take a while but Scopely said they were going to add the collection items to event milestones

You have 5,000 ice cream cones?

I said I’m half way to my first Priya not s class one I have like 2000

Oh boy another #FakeRage post.

I mean did you not get all your gold? It may have taken a little bit of extra time but you did get it right? Why are you people continuing to make posts that try to get everybody riled up? It’s like you like to stir the pot.

You are just now figuring this out? Lol I thought you were slow but now its confirmed

Six star priya does nothing for nobody.

I am slow? Are you the one that didn’t answer any of the questions I threw up there for you? Just saying…

I think you were to busy making excuses for Scopely it’s not about getting the items. It about the fact they cant do anything in this game without a mistake. Stay on your Scopely apology tour let me know where that gets ya.

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