Time ran out after 5sec of raiding..wtf


Two times now i have tried to raid someone only for the time to run out before i can even touch my screen. How can one game have so man buggs all the damn time. Sick of this shit.


Did you start the raid immediately? The timer starts before start the raid is initiated. I’m not the best at 'splaining… :frowning:


Was the app minimized in the background? this can affect timing as well, always force close the app. Ive neve heard of the timer starting before you hit attack :confused:


I always thought the timer started before you actually attacked… could be wrong. I’ve always avoided the situation for that reason. My two cents… :confused:


I have seen this happen before to friends starts the timers at 5sec left as soon as battle begins


Ongoing bug for ages. It won’t ever be fixed it seems


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