Time line when 5* on the list scopely put out all be release as ascendable


Can we please have a time line when the 5* will be ascendable that u post about a month and a half ago @kalishane


y i rly want to know


Early 2018, most likely q1. Maybe one or two this year?


please we need it badly


If they are already leaked on Vk… what makes them not ready to be rolled out?


Also, why can’t one of these toons (with 6*'s that have already been designed, like Gov or Joshua) be the reward for first place in this weekend’s war, coinciding with them being made ascendable?


Anything that affects scopelys bottom line.

It is like them refreshing the wheel, it wasn’t done for varieties sake, or to please players, it was done to fodder up the wheel, and make it near impossible to pull ascendable toons from it.

Look at Carl and Shiva Arguably the 2 best toons in the wheel. They were initially gonna be removed entirely, and placed exclusively back in premier recruits.
But they left, them for some reason, or they say they did, I haven’t heard of anyone actually pulling them since the update. but I am not exactly staking it out to see either.


If that’s not available, I’d like to see a list of toons that will never be ascendable… That way we know who is truly fodder.


Still waiting for answer from scopely on this…



Pretty pretty please, can Glenn “A Larger World” be the next ascendable 5 star?? I’ll bake you cookies if you can see what you can do about that :slight_smile: :cookie:


Still waiting for a response @kalishane


Jan 1st 2018 through Dec 30th 2018 = "Early 2018"
Dec 31st 2018 = “Late 2018”