Time limit on gold bar collecting?

Just wondering if this is an ‘event’ that will time out. I hope not.

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There is a timer on the knife collection. In their original post about it they detailed how long it would take to collect all the knives and there was only a day or 2 to spare on the collection

They will defiently have offers for knives or gold bars close to it/after it expiring which is what they are counting on, someone missing 1 or 2 knives so they have to spend to T4 James/Christa and the offer will more than likely be over priced and rng, will be something like $19.99 for a 10% chance for 1 knife and and 90% chance for a Burt but we know those odds are false and vary depending on what “bucket” youre in and the knife will prob be 3* and not count and support will ignore it and it will be another gate, knifegate/goldbargate.


Laughing, and hoping you’re wrong.

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I hope i am wrong also and it was poking fun at scopely but sadly this is something that is very possible


If they do that then rip those (probably me for not getting to max the knives. Im at 10/22 from me not doing daily gold bar back in september) She got 7 knives but not lvl 110. I swear YGL is literally baby food for a S class.

:baby: :baby_bottle:

I mean it is. I put kapoor and christa on ygl and I only got 22k lvl up points from em.

Yup because scopely didnt account for the extra xp needed when these s class toons get past level 90

Deadass best thing scopes can do is make YGL a perma mission. Or do a 500k or 1mil level up. If they do a 1mil level up it would only be for s class only.
Or just make YGL a perma mission.

just had 2nd gold bar pop up lol

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Same lol got 2 gold bars from offers today

Most should have collected 14 knives already. I’m on 15/40 after today’s missions and double free offers but know that I have missed two so I presume most who haven’t missed any are at 25/40 towards their 15th.

32 days and 14 hours left on the collection, therefore we can assume 31 more days (24 hours for the final turn in) meaning 310 more gold bars = 7 knives + 30 spare. Therefore if you are on anything less than 10/40 towards your 15th knife after today, you already need to prep your bank account.

As milestones, see below latest date you can collect each knife and still finish as a non-SC member before collection expires:

  • 15th knife - 7th Nov
  • 16th knife - 11th Nov
  • 17th knife - 15th Nov
  • 18th knife - 19th Nov
  • 19th knife - 23rd Nov
  • 20th knife - 27th Nov
  • 21st knife - 1st Dec
  • 22nd knife - 5th Dec

The original post does mention that “There may be various limited-time events (roadmaps, offers, etc) that may become available that reward Gold Bricks and/or Knives to aid in speeding up the tiering process”. If you aren’t hitting the dates above, you better hope they go with roadmaps over offers…

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Might be P2P roadmaps.

Anyway, if you are behind this schedule by 5 bars, but still have 2 gold radios from event rewards about a year ago, you should be able to compensate this. Three gold radios will allow you to be 10 behind, and four 15 (but I don’t think they handed out that many, I have 3 and didn’t use any then IIRC).

Also, they might run the roadmap on the final day of the collection, so I would probably wait until the final week to see if new info comes out.

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Non Sc should be here with free 2nd bar

How dumb are people who missed a gold bar when you all you have to do is LOGIN in the game every day and spend not more than 5 minutes in a roadmap available for 24 hours???

How dumb are people thinking everyone still is at school having enough spare time to login every day for a 5 min roadmap.

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Lol being at school and not being on your phone?? hahahahaa

I actually didn’t miss it from the roadmap, but from the offers. Considering my wallet is firmly closed where Scopely is concerned, I probably didn’t feel like laughing at all the offers that chumps spend their money on and ended up missing the free bars at the end.


Yep im trying to collect the bars in 4 different regions and the offers gold bar is the one i have to be careful not to miss. No idea why they can’t shoot it directly to your inbox like they do with other things.

Edit: Also quite often it won’t pop up straight away, i gotta go do the roadmap then remember to check offers again which is annoying.