Time limit is kinda silly


so im sure people have said this on multiple occasions but its just so frustrating to lose a raid or any other contest due to the clock ticking away…sure there should be a time limit and, yes, definitly a victor, but shouldnt the winner be the one with the most toons still standing at the buzzer…it drives me bonkers when i lose a raid with all of my toons standing and my opponent left with one barely living toon still twitching…and then to lose like 25 rep over it…is it possible to change this? or do i have to just shake my head and smirk at the asnign outcome of a heavily onesided defeat, snatched from the jaws of victory?..i want a challenge, but not to be flusterd and/or enraged by having a shutout victory stolen from me by the hands of time.or maybe im the only one that thinks this method of defeat is a cloudy part of a sunny day…see you in the funny pages, Father Time.


“Shouldnt the winner be the one with the most toons standing…”
I kill one of their toons turn one and walk away for 5 minutes and i WIN?

Oh hell naw


Time out teams are a legitimate team build strategy. Plus it means your taking too long, gotta move fast. In and out. If this didn’t exist you could basically let the game sit all day without action or in endless loop. I’m sure this could create server data issues with multiple attackers on one player simultaneously.

Precisely correct as well.


The time limit is there mainly in regards to raid shields.


not you kill one of their toons and walk away for five min and win i mean you kill all of their toons but one and walk away and lose because the timer dinged 11 sec quicker than the rush animiation took to finish…its not like you can kill one toon and the opposing team sits idle waiting…its turn based so you should have time to win… im opposed to the instances in which the match times out without a winner due to action animations and excesive tapping from slow rush " movies" i get frustrated from losing because the raid animations take like 8 seconds through out the entire raid and i lose as a result of animated attack sequences that are unnecessary during faced paced tourney…i use a time out team myself and im sure it sucks to have a full team lose to a barely standing wyatt or negan.Im not opposed to timed matches, but perhaps it could be settled more efficiently…like a draw or maybe you lose but dont lose the full amount of rep…somthing more tangible than a little timed out message…


something more like you didnt win but you didnt actually lose either…maybe a win/lose/timed out record…like actual vs. matches


or maybe if my team was losing but the match timed out and i won then it would be diff…i would love it if the player i was raiding couldnt beat me fast enough so i won the match…if its to be" you either win or you lose" shouldnt that go both ways?


When there’s one toon left on the enemy team and youre having trouble killing it, 3x auto and leave it to the gods.


pretty much…lol…but im not butt hurt about it…i use a time out team to great effect myself knowing that wyatt and maggie and negan are gonna hang around till the bell dings…i just want a seperate classification for timed out loses


It definitely makes sense! I think the game is too developed to change a key feature of it now though. Reworking this would probably result in another 7 months without war, which nearly killed the game last time we had a war drought


i feel like after scopely messed up long time ago and gave us all like 50 wendy, this game has slowly took a downward/sideways turn and they need to step up…they dont need to be so money hungry…they need to placate the masses and in return they will be compensated accordingly…i feel like pavlovs dog…and in all honesty it would probably take one person 46 min to write and insert an algorithm to keep track…14 year old statistician keeps track of more info…lol…most of the code involving base game scematics are legacy codes that can only be added to not changed completely…so im farting in the fan about time out loses…but if i dont vent about the small crap the big stuff will give me a stroke


You do know you can “tap” the screen when the AR animation starts & it will finish a little faster?


Already hard enough to defend and attack with scopely having aimed for only attack characters lately. If you lose due to timeout, you know you have to raid faster. And if you lose while he had 1 left standing, you should have use 3x speed auto attack. But your best bet is just to improve your teams. Ur dead in war if you take 5 mins to kill someone


Two things I want to mention here.
1: Go buy some punctuation marks. Those lil dots can add so much to your argument.

2: Why does the burden fall on me to be the first person to say “g i t - g u d”?


yes i do…


whats gud?


calm down ya bunch of junkyard dogs. i just find it weird that the loser of a timed out match is the living user. even if im down to one toon, and the other team is full i still lose.its just silly game mechanics. nothing changable nor ment as arguementative…just an observation that its kinda silly and possibly could have been made a little more in tune with actual situations.


my point is, as has been pointed out, you lose because of timeouts…why cant you win sometimes because of them


and i am s5++ so its not like i suck, i just find it odd that you cant win during timeouts


If the winner was the one that had the most toons standing at the time limit, anyone that really wanted to win could just take down one toon and then leave their phone for a few minutes to time out. Plus this wouldn’t make sense for war because if you can’t take the team down then they have defended even if they achieved it by timing you out.