Time limit during raiding another player

Alright assholes let me tell you that there is usually one character that wont go down because of their defensive traits and thats it i can take out the whole team but not the stibborn one without the time limit going

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If you can’t beat the team with the time provided then you need to get good


You get five minutes dude…


5 in war. 3 in raid. 2 and a half minutes to whittle Pete down then Kapoor drops a filthy 6k heal on him smh


Try heal reduction and/or defense down


Princess has a nice skill for dealing with Kapoor. And anyone can get one of her I’d reckon

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To all those saying get good or it’s enough time.
This is your experience not others.
Just because you either spent or drove an event (by spending) home.

Entitlement shows with stupidity.

+50% att buff on your toons, -65% def on opponents toons, then james comes in and kills all of them mofos in 2 hits… 3-4 turn if rng doesnt eff you up in yo a$§…


It’s a mix of a few things.
Damage, buffs/debuff, and crowd control.
You need a balance between those 3 things in your raid team, and without it you will struggle. You either won’t have enough damage to kill, enough control to stop their team from reviving or controlling your team, or from killing you.
You may not be able to defeat every team, especially if you are f2p, or even a small spender.
There’s a reason people spend $100k, and that’s so they can be the best, and defend against all but the best players or players with good teams that have the right balance of those 3 key elements.




The struggle is real. I have a team of Priya, G.Rick, Ryker, Christa,& Princess. It gets me through raids.

This is the team I use. The only thing that stops it is an early impair on priya. Other than that, this team can 3 turn most. Everyone is available f2p on it nowadays to.

Just because they’re on a random RNG wheel doesn’t really mean they’re available to all ftp. The last toon I pulled hard for was that Hershel on his first promo (oh geez that was 2 years ago now). Still don’t have him. Never got a Raven either. So, I’m happy for you that you found something that works, but no way for me to replicate it…and I’m not even ftp.


I like to think at the very least, an RNG wheel for free is better than an RNG wheel that costs money

You sound so angry, why even play if you’re getting that worked up about it?

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I’m hardly a whale. A modest Dolphin, at best. I have SC Club and I grind free coins from Tapjoy. The recent 2.5 times coin weekend last month netted me over 35K coins. Without spending more than $10.

I can turn 2 most teams with Priya lead and Christa, (both FTP) Doc and command, (Doc was given guaranteed in an event if you saved tapjoy coins like I did) and Ajax to protect them. (Most shields and any command would work)

There’s my “Whale” Team. Beats most teams turn 2. (Less than 30 secs)

Just saying, if you grind what’s free and have good strategy, you can be successful with minimal monetary contribution.

And to reiterate what Dunsmuns said, when a mobile game cause you this much frustration, why play at all?

Back in the day my 5* green Abe was the timeout King!! Lol

Well said. All major factors. However, if all will notice that TIME is not mentioned here. More time is not the answer.

Even if Scopely gave you 10 minutes to raid, the average war is over in 9-10 minutes unless it’s a coin battle.

That means you score less than 1K every war because you only get 1 hit in the entire battle.

Regardless of the time limit set by Scopely, you need to get faster to be successful and competitive in this game. At any level. And that can be done with proper strategy.

That’s a bold assumption to make that people have a competent team with spending only.

I got a pretty good team that doesn’t ever have time out issues without spending. What’s your reason then?


Congratulations to you for your devotions to this game.

It isn’t a assumption. It’s an opinion.

Fact. Spenders have greater toons, weapons, and advancement in this game.

Because of this fact the gap has gashed open worse.
War teams should tell you that. Unless you get top spots. (Spending on cans)