Time for the apology vid

Before someone asks why the Heck I’m back
I think I best do what’s gonna be on most ppls minds I’ll be honest when posting in forums my sorry vid I was actually in a state to ksm myslf after that video
But as luck would have it someone had fallen victim to this before and told me that the thing about me having my noodles leaked to everyone was a bluff
If that person had not told me… Ngl Id have gone though with it due well something like that would destroy my whole life and I cba living a broken man again
The reason why I haven’t use this acount and been using spooky ghost for a bit who will now dissaper is because we’ll I wanted to engage with forums without worrying you all after all I’d figured if you saw mysterion and I didn’t want that as I felt like I should apologise as me when the time was right which was making sure my freinds and family were OK as I’d had worry them
Which is understandable because the last thing they want me to do was kms as they my history with trying to it
But now my real life freinds and fam are all safe and out OK and everything resolved I know that is only right to now resolve any problems with ppl on theese forums who may have been affected by me freaking out I feel like I had hurt you over my own idiocrasy and that isn’t fair on you guys
And for that I am sorry
I hope that we can resolve and at least get back to a talking level
Yours sincerely


You also have to break some eggs to make a ecoli-y mess

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Scopely should make some apology videos, they would be titled “Apology Season 4, Episode 11”


Who are you again?


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