Time for new armory and weapon premier systems


Due to many people hitting on these topics with little to no result from scopely I am making a list of improvements needed specifically reguarding armory only

1- Polish kit needs to be craftable. 48h time for completion to keep from overstocking.

2- Duct tape and spray paints need to be crafted within 24h-36h

3-premier weapons need to lose all 3* parts completely. Items remaining weapons, tokens, 4* parts, and crit items.

4- New weapon skills are needed such as confuse, recovery weapons, heal reduction, pain split( pain split when taken dmg with 1 adj ally)6*, hemorrhage bleed, decapitate killshot, gain ap on atk(6* only weapon), focus

5- Weapon roadmaps not parts we should get limited edition weapons from roadmaps like toons use to come

6- Weapon farming leader 6* lead skill only

7- Also a new weapon status effect removal character. Use the skill/trait and once every 3 turns we can remove weapon effects from 2 enemies. New toons have only focused on character effects lets get weapon bonus removals.

8- armory epic weapons to be released why are researching something u wont release?

9- Fixing ap weapon issues like drop ap problems. Shouldn’t be able to drop your ap with last atk and enemy starts following round charged with dropped ap. WTF

10- SR weapon issues in which there too many to name we need a thread for those issues only


Crafting pk and tapes would be good. Using wood only.


I honestly don’t want to see much of what’s on that list. I’m probably in the minority in that, but if you open the floodgates it won’t be long before every team is running full setups of stun/impair/absolute defense/AP down. The current system keeps the numbers of these items down and increases variety, makes problem solving a requirement for most people and cuts down on the randomness in raiding that comes with a full set of “chance of” weapons.

I know more people want the awesome weapons, but if it is made so that everyone has them, then we’ve lowered the cap and made hard work less valuable.


some of the weapons may seem powerful but its all how they setup. For instance a painsplit weapon send 25% dmg to one ally adjacent your character receives 75% instead think of it like reflect damage except better. AP on attack with all these 76 charge toons add extra 8-10 ap on atk(chance) so u can either add 8% to everyone or get a weapon that with boost character even more. huge rush attack lead and weapon huge bonus is good for +40 its time 3rd slot started to boost these better. ap gain by atk slot chance will. if we have revive weapons and revive toons its time for decapitate weapon chance. Heal reduction is great but so few toons in game have its a great weapon tactic.


block healing for 2 rounds cmon that’s just begging to be introduced


I was more referring to making them so much more easily attainable by allowing for crafting of DT/PK, weapon roadmaps, making pulls for them more fruitful, etc.


they have to extend craft time everything now completes in 1h crafting that’s y 48h for 1 PK is not so bad especially when I don’t want number of armories increased. If you increase armories the flood gates open . but keeping only 2 armories its not as bad as u think


How many polishing kits do you think you get on average in a week?


some weeks none this is the biggest issue cant even craft with success hopes and dreams go nowhere here


And thus, how the floodgates would open. You’d go from getting 1 a week or so, to 7 if you ran both armories. Even if you just ran 1 24/7 getting PK, you’d be able to craft more than 3 times as many weapons as you can now.


yea not crafting at all is best solution for everyone. We should just stop armory completely the way u want us to play atleast I want the game advancing not falling behind


your acting like we get weapons of choice when we craft its still randomized completion


You’re still advancing, just slowly. That’s how I think it should be. The best items should require a lot of time AND effort, making them available for a little time and wood that nobody cares about just doesn’t jive with how I feel the game should reward players


there is no guarantee on success are we playing same game. Do u have 10 stun guns or something? opportunity to try to craft is more important than game standing still. Noone is guaranteed a weapon so stop acting like this floods game with certain weapons if anything it increases number of failures


but atleast we can get our armory working


It would increase the number of successes and failures. I look at it like this. For farmable items in the game, their values(to me) are ranked like this.

  1. Lilith
  2. Polish
  3. Tape

Would you disagree with this? If so, how would you rank them?


no because kits and tape truly are not Farmable


chance of luck in disassembling isn’t farming


They are via disassembling 4* weapons and the occasional roadmap. Would you say they are more or less valuable than a Lilith?


that’s not farming and the maps come for 16h a month