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I’m bored with my current teams. What attack and defense teams would you guys make with my roster?

thanks in advance!

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First of all, that entire top row has got to go. Alice and dual Michonnes? Hot garbage. Depot them and then we can talk. :smirk:


Hahaha I have been very lucky with some pulls i won’t lie


I would depot and uninstall. Then start playing Star Wars


That Alice is so sweet. Congrats.

Been using my fac mates on the road rage maps and she makes them so easy.


I still have some trouble with those road rage maps🙁

Aris lead. Gator, Richard and two Benedict’s

You’re welcome


Been using this for the last two s9++ stages and its done by t4. Looking at your roster I don’t see a decap or disarm so bring in one as a helper if you can. Alpha with Alices AR and both lead skills kills.

Are you going for Sandy or Bruce? Both will be very nice with your Alice. If you can pick up Lucas or Bruce down the road if you choose Sandy it will be even better.

I got lucky too with Lucas. I did not pay $100 but got him on a 10 pull with scopes league coins.


Thanks for the advice! I really want Bruce…i got super lucky getting Alice i got her on a survivor club pull same with Camila. I blew all my coins from the final fantasy tap joy offer to get my 1st Michonne and second one i blew a $50 gift card from Christmas for her.

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this is the team I’ve been rockin on road rage but they die quick! I think my mods suck…I’ve had no luck with those

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the enemies in road rage were mostly green and yellow, use less blues to defeat them. Try this team , Alice Lead, mira, lori,green garret, eugene/princess , then tell ur faction mates to put green/red decaps as supports, and you’ll do fine.

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Awesome thank you for the tip!

Np, or u can use connie instead of princess/eugene.

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Try killing 6 stars with 5 star only teams use anything u want weapons mods etc.

Why do you have mods on five star Andrea? You need to ascend her. She’s a way better lead for Alice and michonne than Dwight. Also, getting decap sandy from this event would be in your best interest. Andre, Alice, michonne, decap sandy is a great foursome. The last slot can be rotated.

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That’s great advice thank you!

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