Time for a Tier List?


Hey guys,

What do you think about developing a Tier List among all, since I do not know that anyone has compiled data since the 6★s appeared?

I think the game today is very different if we talk about defense and attack teams, so we could make one list for each role.

In defense, top characters are pretty obvious (basically Multiple Erikas and Magna are the B&B of any good defense), but we could talk about less used but situational characters. For attack there are a lot of options and I can see the new Andrea giving ranged teams a clear advantage too, especially for F2P players.

PS: We have a first list!



Alright I don’t remember every 6 star in the game but I’ll list some from the top of my head.

S Tier

Erika, Magna, Spencer (Lead), Blue Carl, Human Sheild Jesus

A Tier

Shiva, Jesus, Carl, Governer, Siddiq, Koa

B Tier

Kenny, Tyreese, Shane, Clementine, Aris, Wyatt, Barker, Scout, Blue Negan, Andrea but with the right team she could be A

C Tier

All the melee Negans, Vincent, Rosita, Shane etc, anything pretty average


Will be good but then you have to make a tier leader list and aI tier team list healers damagers and tanks


I’ll be happy to if someone gets me a list of all the 6 stars in the game.


Currently making one.
Stay tuned in the next 20 minutes


This may help: https://www.tivaprojects.com
You can filter by 6*s and role or trait, very useful.


I’ll be interested to see what you come up with


I can try to suggest a list for an starting point. But this is very different for attack and defense and depending on other characters you have.


Check out what I’ve come up with




Thank you for that info mate made it 100x easier


The list is great. However, I have some suggestions(opinions) though. No need to listen to me, if you dont like it. I think Disarm Michonne and Louis should be in S tier.


How did I miss Louis.
Why do you feel that about Michonne however

Louis made Tier S


Michonne helped us deal with stun guns and Erikas.


Fair point.
Not the only character though but should be S tier thanks for that;


But you have the ascension thing there is all 6* stats


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