Time for a change of scenery

Is there anyone else considering a region change? My current region is like the titanic with our top faction being the iceberg that’s sinking us

Happens to all regions eventually.


Well the only consequences of moving to a new region is having to start all over. Already have three regions and never will consider moving again, but great question.

Sad thing is thst my regions only been around since May. Our top faction seems to hate every faction we have. They pimp out the crit areas and have made ‘alliance’s’ with a couple lower levelled factions to benefit themselves. Its a disaster. Can’t go Into gc without someone being targeted and arguments it’s like a bunch of pre schoolers smh. I was in rockdale for a year and a half before I move to chambers

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Dont worry about changing the region. They all have their usual assholes. not to mention that starting from scratch is the same as giving up instead of playing

Imo there should be a neutral faction thst holds the crit areas and people come and go as needed to craft. Iv seen it work in my original region and a few others have in there regions. But that’s just my opinion. Shouldn’t be up to just 1 faction to decided who can and can’t use it


No it still works. The crit area was ‘pimped’ out to the faction I was in, I left with a day still left on my craft and the boost carried over outside of the faction

Chat is dying in GC and FC or they are all playing the silent treatment towards me, I dunno. Chat is most active during war, other than that not much activity unless the trolls come around and they usually get trolled on themselves. I never thought about changing regions though because I have been in mine for 380 days.

When I moved from my first region i thought I would miss it. But funny enough I found building up a new roster and playing with new players refreshing. I have a couple dudes thst I’m tight with and they are moving also when a new region is available. But our region is toxic to many people with god complexes

Don’t you know that buying pixels for a phone game that you’ll forget 5 minutes later makes you a “superior” person? Don’t believe me, just ask those people, they’ll tell you. If they are so “good”, tell em to play w/o all their special weapons. That’s the only difference these days.

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yup you are right, and tell them to play with the same toons that you have to level the playing field and see how good their strategy is when they are using the same weapons and toons as you. im glad that we dont really have a problem in montgomery and if i see an asshole i deal with him myself and nip it in the bud.

Were looking into a way to help with this! I will keep you posted as I find out things!

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I personally would not merely because 6s can be obtained from premier pulls.

It was not so bad early when a player pulled 5s, sure they outpaced you but were gear limited, therefor stats were manageable with a good mix of 4s / 5s toons. Hell I love the first war in Morgan after I left Troup that was all 2s and 3s. The 5s were locked by gear to Teir 1 or 2 same as our 4s at tier 2 or 3.

Fast forward to today, get a lucky pull and u get a toon with stats of a fully upgraded 5s. Good luck, only way to take them down when you are in 3s / 4s land will be pulling some of your own. You likely won’t complete ultra rare gear maps for a month as u build up your roster. In the mean time there will be a few ‘walls’ preventing you beating others in war. For no other reason than they pulled a 6s toons.

Hello from your first region! :yum: At the moment in Rockdale no 1 team controls weapon territories we take them put 1x 3* team in both crit territories then the next faction who needs it can take it after the hour’s up (occasionally it gets put to walkers so not always plain sailing, but on the whole it’s accessible to all factions who need it). All the best with your new region Kayla!

Rockdales still going strong? Im in Jeff Davis now. Few of us rockdalers are here dabb chron me lurk. So far it’s all going good. Hopefully it’ll be better for territories here but we’re still in early days so we will see

Keeping crit regions is pointless. In each faction I was in we always rotate. You get your hour then someone else takes it.
Screws other players if you don’t share

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What region are you in now?

It’s dwindling a bit only started playing again 2 months back so playing catch up with 6*s since I missed the release of them which is good, got something to work towards. 51 > DN > WW/SS in the ranks still all the other factions are a fair way behind (23 factions participated in total last war 8 above 1mil points 3 over 900k and then 500k down to 20k for the rest…probably gauge the activity from that). Noticed a new region opened up the other day was considering it but I’m locked into rockdale on my ipad so would have to use my phone which isn’t as good to play on i find. See chron around still in rockdale, but sounds like you’re enjoying your new region which is the main thing. :slight_smile:

I agree. You literally need the area just to set the weapon off. The factions that hold it are just arseholes

Same. A few already did change due to frustration.

The joke now is it’s more fun to play in Butts, spend time in Butts, etc.