Time for 6* token Wheel


Its time to make 6* token wheel, with 6* toons in. I know there is not much 6* now and a lot of them are premier toon. But personally, and believe almost whole community agree that is better to get 6* tokens than usless 5* tokens. So start 6* wheel and put tokens in tournaments. Also put 2-3 premier toons in that wheel.


I think it’s still early tho


Maybe no 6*, just only 5* ascend toons :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea. Let’s help everyone who hasn’t got Carl + Shiva + Zeke on defence get it. Then all the teams will literally be identical


Yes, but let’s not make em easy to obtain. Top 3 prize exclusively for now, and no 6* versions in the wheel. Just 5*s.


So, only available for the top 3 factions, where most of the all-6* teams are already? Makes perfect sense to me…


That was for solo events. Nah, let’s give everyone every 6* available why not. The game is unbalanced as hell anyway.


Make it top 3 exclusive? So all the people who already have mostly 6* can get more?


Top 3 in solo events doesn’t reflect the amount of 6*s one has.


I agree.