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So the date scopley promised that things will be better is 26-9 as I remember.
And so far nothing is looking promising.
In facts everything looks so bad .
Players United was something good , but scopley always have a new trick to show .
The gap was way too big before S class . And now it’s even bigger.
What’s next after Raulito ?
An S class with a leader skill that deal 5000 Maim damage at the beginning of each turn ?
Wtf ?
S class Priya is already outdated and F2P doesn’t even have enough icecream to claim her ascendable
Not to mention Pete.

Does this System looks right to you scopley?
The answer is yes , as long as you are milking players .
But keep in mind it’s a bomb ready to blow in any second. Or maybe in 26-9
So you better do something before it’s too late . We love this game yes .but we hate how you trait your players
We’re not cows


No ■■■■■■■ tik… Oh right you meant clock.

The 30-60 days only signified a start to the changes, not end. You would hope not end either, it should be endless


Dont mention any end
Second part of this promise failed like no other.
Is no timeline ever showed


Funny how people react to deadlines… scopelys dog (Rosie) I’m assuming is very hungry as they keep looking for extensions.

At some a point player imposed deadline of sept26 should have warranted some sort of attempt.


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And that’s why it was always a little Mickey Mouse lol

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They dont care. With most businesses and people, they care about their reputation, they dont want the comoanys name/image to be ruined and they want to go for the long haul, happy customers = spending customers but scopely lives in its own little world and does its own thing. They will take all the money and run basically, people will know to never play a scopely game and in the long run they wont make money cause people wont even play their games let alone spend but they dont care, they have made millions of rts and they are still making money cause some people in rts are slaves to scopely and they will milked for every last penny. Also a big thing is this community has always made threats about quitting but never done anything, PU was the most this community has ever been united and look what we have, the game has only got worse and the gap has grown. Scopely doesnt care if a thousand players quit on the 26th, in fact im pretty sure it is what they want, they got peoples money so in their eyes, success.

It’s as TOS friendly as it comes.
But clear that’s it’s a two way street of expectations

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