Tiger King...is that you?

Scopely is either trolling or geniuses. Aint no way you gone convince me this new character (Jobe) isnt Joe Exotic


Netflix must of partnered with scrot**y. Next round of promos are going to be the child twerking cast from the Netflix “cuties” movie.

Such a sad state of no originality from the creators.

Lawsuit incoming?

Time will tell


Already have Mia, Clem and kid Priya lol


Too funny I thought the exact same thing, that was my sole purpose of logging in :rofl:

They owe this man some money bc that is a clear rip off of the Tiger King. It’s not even subtle! That’s a straight up copy of that man. Better hope he don’t find out bc he’ll show up with an Army of Shiva’s to headquarters forget Ezekiel that’s the true Tiger King :laughing:


Plus all the Shivas on sale tells me it’s not a coincidence.

They put more thought into this little joke than they do most events, and it’s still lame and outdated.


Directed by Epstein him self.


I’ve put my idea for next toon… Barry with his massive Wood club

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What the fuck is that?
I feel like a creep for just looking at it

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Oh believe me Netflix is getting a lot of shit for this. If it’s not taken down already it will be.

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Someone at Netflix is a pedophile

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The correct thing is put ezekiel S but scopely have a lot o crazy developers.

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