Tiered tournaments (newbie friendly)


What do you guys think about tiered tournaments?

To elaborate, tournaments exclusive to certain criteria.

Level 40 and below with prizes more suitable and attractive to newer players.

Prestige tournaments. Etc.

One of the positions Scopely has taken regarding tournament prizes is they need to have appeal to newer players et al.

Something of this sort might boost participation all around if newer players have an actual chance at placing well because they aren’t in direct competition with the old dogs.



I believe the reward system already has this effect intended. Rewards reach very far in tournaments.

Sure, new players won’t be placing in the top 10 (or even more), but the rewards that they receive are ones that should help them progress through the game in order to get to be able to compete with the older players with enough time.


A new player is likely to fall into this tier here.

There is very little benefit to new players in these rewards.

However several thousand 4*, some silver medals, and a pile of lower tier gear would be worth competing as a newbie for.


There have been 4* tokens and lower tier gear that have been set as rewards/milestones. Many players have complained about seeing them there :upside_down_face:


Probably because they are more established players not wanting to compete for lower level prizes.


Right, so what I am saying is that there are these rewards available for newer players.


Speaking as a relatively new player, I much prefer 1/4 of a 5 star pull than any amount of 4 star tokens.


I do agree with lower tier gear though. The last few tournaments have been giving me 6 star gear, but I need more longcoats to get my carl to the point he would need it.


With ascendancy 4s are useful for filling out new player 5 rosters. But I suppose if it’s not a desired thing in the community no big deal.


A good compromise would be elite character tokens. They give plenty of 4 stars and 3 stars for ascendance fodder, and they eventually give you a 5 star you cant get from ascending.


This is actually a pretty good idea @Jhermanford


I would say get as much higher tier gear as possible while it’s availible. Eventually you will be able to get loads of long coats from farming ultra gear roadmap.


By that logic 6* gear will eventually be available -and- practical for him, and the gear he actually needs atm small potatoes.