Tiered Faction System

Just curious on everyone’s thoughts, even better if from personal experience. I’m talking about multiple factions within one “family”, who help eachother out with points in war or territories etc

How effective is the tiered system of rotating players in and out of factions, depending on activity or performance (or something else)? How does this system help all of the players involved?

Has anyone seen or made it work well? What made it work?

Typically someone who rotates to give breaks for rl and what not is great. But the set back is the 2ndary faction tends to suffer and eventually becomes retirement home.
You will have a few dedicated to keeping it going but majority are inactive. Ultimately its best when possibly building out new players. Giving them options to jump in higher faction to gain some prizes and knowledge. But again typically ive seen the 2ndary faction hard to recruit for. People tend to not like the idea of heading to a faction with low actives and people who are casually playing.


we have a group that just transferred into our region currently trying it… TBH it’s bullsh** it’s basically 60 people feeding each other dropping D and swamping players out left and right.

The players constantly getting booted to the lower faction will eventually revolt because no one likes to be considered disposable…

The higher faction should just put their BIG BOY panties on and be a faction of 30 before the kill another region. No one wants to play with a faction that technically has a 60 player pool to cherry pick from


Having the option to take a break when the game burns you out or you have rl stuff and cant do events is nice. With leagues making faction events more important for those who are playing to compete its nice to not feel pressured if you need a weekend with the family. However as i stated the 2nd faction eventually becomes hard to recruit to and has a core who do all the work. Ive seen some work out and not from “feeding factions” lets be honest its takes more resources and time to have a faction coin back or slow repair with said dropped defenses. Its quicker and cheaper to move on. Most top factions finish matches in 10 min or less and dont need dropped defenses :joy: especially if they have a turn 3 attack team

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My faction did this for a long time at one point. We were trying to promote development in our region and get more activity among the lower factions. Why have 10 factions with half active when you can condense and have several active factions. So we worked with a weaker faction that we had in all of our chats and tried to teach and promote activity. We even rotated some of our leadership down there to help out and would give members who were working hard a chance for a few events with us to get better rewards to help create some healthy competition to strive for more. It worked for quite a long time. Eventually the lower faction wasn’t keeping up and some felt the promotion was just us stealing members, even though we sent them back after a few weeks, and we ended up just using them as a place to camp members who were busy for events or wanted a slower pace after they stopped accepting help. It fizzled out after a while but we kept it going a good 6 months.

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I’m currently in a sister faction and it’s alright. The best we could do without farming each other during AOW was 3rd place. The second place faction is definitely better than us. The 1st place faction in our region just won CRW but it looks like they’ve fallen apart since it ended as they’ve lost almost half their people.
The bad -Tiered factions isn’t necessarily confusing, but I hate wondering if I should ask to move into the main faction permanently. I desperately the gear and toons offered during CRW but the main faction is reserved for the main clique while the rest of us have to rely on 50k 5* tokens and such. League trophies would be nice, too.
The good - I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the main faction’s leadership every day. I like being in the selected winner of the faction event, even if it’s not the most needed gear I get.
Eventually I think us lower tiered players will be stuck unable to compete while the chosen ones get stronger. Or we’ll get picked off one at a time by the stronger faction in our region.
The worst - we have off game chats set up and for whatever reason the 2 factions that are stronger than our main faction aren’t allowed. I wonder if people think that means we don’t talk?
The best - Not having any worries if I’ve got real life happening! By far and away the best part!

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I at some point was a lead doing a similar thing. If you have a good group and you continue to show good activity and the improvement they should welcome you openly. But there’s a fine line as you dont wanna steal the lower factions best players. I think if you ask to be moved up because your ready to compete then its ok and hopefully they accept. They may put off asking you to stay permanent as not wanting to cross those lines of trying to poach instead of the agreement.
Fact is players go through stages. At some point being in a lower level faction wont help advance your roster unless your a spender. Moving up is natural.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

The problem I see is asking to join the top faction of the group and knowing you can contribute, but not being able to get a spot for some reason. Also, at any given time only 30 out of all faction members are getting decent faction tourney or war prizes.

A lot to consider I guess.

You also could consider without their help where would you be? Will their knowledge of the game and the players moving up temporarily gain your faction mote than just competing at a lower level. Unfortunetly prizes for war are very top oriented giving pulls you likely wouldnt get. So is it worth having a few players advance to get your fac stronger or is it only the weekends like this one and wont help much? Its more dependant on each situation no right or wrong answer here

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Yeah I completely agree with this there are factions like Frontline Assembly that have like 4 sister factions that’s basically a pool of 120 players to choose from and they always stack the heaviest hitters in during war only reason they killed off talbot region place is a ghost town now

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My opinion on this depends on the level of cooperation between the two factions. If it’s something simple like a line chat with both factions to exchange information and ideas it’s no big deal. If you’re rotating players up and down it handicaps the lower of the two, to empower the upper. In a way it makes the people in the bottom the bitch of the top. Best players always being pulled, no chance of growth for the faction, etc. I don’t know why anyone would want to be in that system and in the bottom faction.

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I was in a faction that had a sister faction & it worked well. You got moved by war score, in the main faction bottom 5-6 got sent down & top 5-6 of sister faction came up. As long as you werent low scorer, you stayed where you were. It all depended on you.

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