Tier list is sloppy


The tier list that was made seems pretty biased and very sloppy somebody that has the time and knowledge to put into a proper tier list please do.

The 6* Tier List From Heaven! (Color TV)


r00d could be the guys opinions as most tier lists are highly debated anyways, also nothing beats credit card tier


A tier list shouldnt be someone opinions and should be facts. First off the tier list should be in groups (damage, tank, support, and heal) theres research that has to be done for tier list not someone taking 20 mins messing up the toons colors and saying it’s an accurate tier list. S tier should mean best at attack and defense A tier should mean good at attack and defense B tier should be situationally good and c tier should be shit at everything


So… Make one yourself or gtfo?


I just noticed his post.
Hes basically pissed his old ass jerimiah isnt A tier


Nope its sloppy and you rushed the list I couldnt even find green alpha… you put both alphas as blue it’s not organized either


Lmao I bet you’re fun at parties.


I don’t fucking work for scopely or you.
I did it for fun and I’m not the source for this stuff.
It’s just a mistake I’ll fix godamn.


credit card is SSS tier


Next thing you’re going to tell us is to you’re not actually Clem…


Lee… is that you?


They are right tier list are super biased, a toon you may consider trash may be somebody’s bread and butter, you might think someone’s great and others think they are trash


That’s why it should be a community effort


Any completely p2w toons = S Tier. Any ftp or accessible to f2p = C tier. Lol this is basically how every tier list works


Yep its me alright


We all should be motivating the guy for his efforts, not demoralizing him !

He put in efforts to do itadn you sir @Bailey1998 wanted to open a new thread for your selfish ass, you could have said the same stuff you are saying here in @Clementine post right ?

anyway PEACE


That list is a waste of time, would be nice to have stats and info to back up the list instead of just how you feel about a toon


can join bailey in making a better list slacker


Why do people complain like a 5 year old not getting candy


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