Tier 6 faction assault (updated for better pics)

Just for those not in beta I thought is show you a few pics of the new tier 6 faction assault.

First of it is ranked s4+ and only noticable difference is rewards

As you can see below there are 2 types of tier6 bags 1-3 get the first bag and everyone else gets the second bag the difference being gear instead of potential for earings)


Daily gear… Wtf. Still trash. They should be weapons parts not trash gear.

Basil needs to be removed. It’s an insult.

4s tokens and elite tokens need to be removed.

Seriously? Why does everything have to have a pile of crap in the pool guaranteed to offer disappointment 50% of the time.


What is set 2 of 4??? @Akearns

The gear should be epic gear (T3 for 6s). Anything you can get from gear depot or daily maps is insulting.


I can see some silver ascendence medals peeking into the picture for set two.

That gear needs improvements add 6* 3 tier gear in there atleast the rest of gear I have stockpiles of so to me doesn’t matter what I get from there

Sooooo I guess his miserable leaderboard is here to stay. I really don’t understand why they choose this event out of all events to have a leaderboard… oh wait, it’s cause they don’t want to give out six star gear.

Apologies it seems i attached the same pic twice just gonna tag it below

2 chances at earrings then? That’s pretty good at least.

Have you tried it yet? I used all the 6*s I had which is a lot in beta and a lot lvl 90 and got to stage 3 on the first guy.

Hope it’s more challenging than the t5. Each stage until negan is easily beat by 1 person with 1 attack only.

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The bags no longer identical. Depends on your score which set you get x2.

If that is the case, this is seriously bad. People on these forums have raised concerns about the different rewards a bazillion times already. Having different bags with likely better gear for top scorers will cause more grief in factions.

I wish they would finally listen to the feedback in this case.


The problem with faction assault is its a solo event. Make it a true faction event ! Give everyone in the faction the same reward, they earned it by gettin the tickets.


Or give them a percentage of the rewards based on their average contribution from FA to FA.

That would be fairer.


Your absolutely right only 1-3 get the bag shown above, everyone else only get 2 sets of gear instead of earing set

Why the f* would they do this?

Who said ‘scale rewards further’ for placement. What are they smoking!?!?!?!?


Finally delete the ranking reward system. Faction Assault is a co-op not a competitive game mode (or it should be). I don’t know who thought it is a very good idea to include this crapy reward system.


Could you please update the initial post with pictures of both bags so that the difference stands out more? I’m seeing couple duplicate screenshots.

Are earrings the only thing affected?


Classic, we ask to get rid of the leaderboard because it causes faction issues… scopely response is to keep the scoreboard and give out different bags depending on placement. Makes total sense!