Tier 6 faction assault Beta



Cost is tickets, not Markers. Just to help clarify for those who got confused (like me)


Crap I got it mixed up apologies


No Worries, I just sat there and even rewound to try to get context. Then it hit me


DT/PK removed from the bags? Wouldn’t they be among the most desirable once the level 125 ones run out?


When you look at the other contents in the bag, no. Maybe remove the ascension medals for legendary, and maybe swap the trainers for the DT/PK but I like the increase to the rings and the guns


I think it depends on everyone. On the T5 bags I absolutely did not want flare guns or earrings and would rather get DT/PK, since the chance of getting earrings and flare was really low so to collect everything to get Tara and to make her usable would have taken forever. So by making T6 bags more likely to drop earrings and flare, I am much more ok with getting earrings and flare.

Plus now that it seems like the weapon parts map is weekly, that can be my main source of crafting supplies. Counting on FA to get DT/PK, where you open FA like once every 2 weeks isn’t practical.


Same rewards as t5 what’s the point


pretty much they better really up rewards for t6 and take out the trash rng or nobody is going to be interested in doing it … more time for the devs wasted


It’s just weird. Update roadmap look call it version 10. Add a tier to faction assault call it v11


I agree one complete week sinve the update and we haven’t got anything new on roadmaps same boring stuff … it’s like nobody has any good ideas over there


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