Tier 5 Faction Assault - Tips / Tricks / Suggestions


Has anyone tried tier 5 FA. If so did you beat it? Any tips or tricks?

Advice regarding Faction Assault

Doing it now, on day 2 but it’s looking good so far.

2 major tips, try to get weaker members of the faction to attack the human/walker waves of each phase since it’s easier; and try to have 1 person attacking at a time.


my team is doing the tier 4.
And it’s actually pretty hardcore.

tier 5 definetly gonna need some specialized crap.

Firs of all.

Bonus ap doesn’t work from weapons???


Cool thanks for this tip. That’s what we have been trying to do but I think people got all excited. We have the first boss down to 10%. Just started 20 minutes ago.

Another question. On the first boss does any damage count or only hits to John (the boss) as far as reducing the total HP?


Good tip! Adding “Tips / Tricks / Suggestions” to the title so that you guys can build on it or if anyone else has input they would like to add.


I believe it’s any damage.

Yeah, we had that problem of a bunch of people hitting at the same time in the beginning, then not much later…it seems to happen to everyone for their first FA haha.


we beat tier4 with brute force honestly we forced negan to phase 4 on 1st day and finished him off just in an hour when attack timer reset. It was a fairly straightforward experience for us but since we can try tier 5 next time we are doing assault some tips i have noted are:

  1. Weaker players / team should be used on first stages. Higher players should sacrifice damage output for leaderboard in this case.
  2. Don’t attack all at once, never! It causes too much overkill and team mismatch. Rather have 1 person attack and inform the rest about which color team you shoul use and then you can go in with smaller teams of 2-3 people then rinse&repeat till boss/phase defeated.


Thanks for that Mick. :slight_smile:


For reasons that I won’t go into here our first faction assault was a complete farce due to mistakes made on our own part (nothing to do with Scopely) but we have finally saved up enough tokens to have another go. My question is, which tier should we go for?

  1. We are 10th ranked faction most of us have 6* teams.
  2. We are not always the most active although I should imagine every member should be able to manage 4 hits a day.
  3. We have members from all over the world so don’t want anything that will be over too quickly before everyone has had a chance to participate.
  4. Our recommended tier in game is tier 3.
    Any help advice or tips from anyone who has experience of faction assault will be hreatly appreciated😀


hit one member at time, weakest first to clean human/walkers, don’t use right away best toons. because toon can be used also only once every 24h period. no need to rush, take your time, plan attacks well


aabee’s advice is mine too, although don’t assume you get 4 attacks. At T5 you get 6 attacks, I’m not sure on the rest.

Getting people to attack one at a time is an issue with all factions it sounds like, especially since people are excited, but try to get people to announce that they’re attacking and when they’re done attacking so you won’t have 10 people going in all at once.

There is a faction ranking as well, I would consider letting your weaker members win so they can get more depot points and get stronger. You can let them win by having them attack the beginning of each phase as it’s easy and you rack up major points.

Stronger people should be attacking bosses, as they’re harder.

I’m not sure what tier you should be doing but if it’s recommending T3, I would try T4. We were recommended T4 and we finished T5 without issues. It’s not just about having a 6* team, it’s also about how many other viable 5* you have behind the 6* since you can only use a character once per 24h.

And it would be a good idea to announce to your faction when you’re going to open the map, just so people can plan.


Thanks for the responses so far guys. Sounds like great advice. Communication is not our strong point across the faction but I’ll try to get people mounting individual attacks if it helps. Is that to avoid wasting energy on stages that are already complete like in war when you attack a camp at the same time as somebody else and it ends up being destroyed?


if two members hit same time bout start that from full enemy health, if go one by one its like sr road where after you was killed you continue kill those enemy who was left, so its over kill like wars if go same time.
also give info early enough that you are going to open assault so people in different timezone can get in too




About which tier you should pick.
In my faction the recommended one was tier 4 and we managed to beat Negan in like 28h, so it took only one refresh on attacks, and that was with the leader skills and weapons bugged and not working, so next time we will try tier 5.
The recommended one was not the ideal one for us, so maybe you could try tier 4 already.


Is the game even working atm.

My otherfaction trieaneerytime they attacked crashedin a certain round

So we haven’t tried any since


worked us two times, if not counting no leader bonus or weapons ar/crit bonuses

and pick at least one harder that recomend is.


Doing second fa, each faction member does 2 hits, waits for everyone to get them, try to only have 1 person going at a time. So far looks like we may finish t5 in 24 hours or less. Our next one we are going to let bottom scorers go first with all 6 hits, then everyone else. Share SS or info of current stages to help the next hitters. Basically infighting about who scores top 3 is useless as regardless of stage, a few ppl just have such beast rosters it won’t matter. That’s what we’ve gleaned so far by our second go


In our experience, T5 is best completed by finishing all previous bosses in one day and leaving 2 days for Negan. Remembering that the LS and wep boosts aren’t working properly.


My fraction goes T5 every month (or more frequent).
Everyone gets something after the victory.
Even though rewards aren’t THAT good (at least what we get from that damn bag).