Tier 5 Faction Assault over before we all get hits


I know that a lot of the issue is communication, different time zones, work, etc, but we had 6 or 7 not even get a hit in last time.


We have it to set up where you hit one round and then wait on everyone to hit and but if everyone doesn’t hit in a certain time period it’s free to go.


Or just have ppl hold back on scores so there’s plenty left for others…


After doing a T5 in less than 6 hours and leaving some people out of rewards we instituted a day 1 50k score limit. This usually takes us though the first 2 underbosses. When everything resets at 24 hours it becomes free for all. To accommodate time zones we start each T5 6 hours earlier than the previous one (6s & 12s based on eastern US). Lastly we announce every opening 24 hours in advance through faction message, faction bulletin board & Line group announcement.


We have been announcing it a few days in advance and have been adding 2 hours to the start time. Last 3 were 11, 1, then 3 est. Looks like we need to institute a max score and 1 hit in the 1st 24 hours. Thanks for the ideas


Its all about faction coordination! Have proper communication and nobody will get left out. Problem solved


Oh, I forgot to mention we try to do them on weekends. Less work issues.


Easiest thing to do is tell people “don’t be a dick and finish it before everyone gets a hit”. It’s been successful for us in quite a few FAs.


Give everyone 24-48 hours notice before selecting a boss. Even the busiest of people can plan a trip to the khazi to rack up enough points to get prizes


we use the star wars system:
one 1 star character hit for the first 24 hours to ensure everybody gets on the learboard
after 24 hours, free for all
we also rotate the time every FA by 8 hours


Interesting tactic. Manage to keep all thirty on track? I know a few trigger happy guys in my faction who might “struggle” to resist.


After a few early teething problems our faction has settled down into a regular routine now, starting our assaults on a Saturday morning (10am,ish Pacific Time) which makes it late afternoon in Europe. Everyone managers to get hits in & we don’t finish until the following day.

Obviously we publish start times/dates in our line chats, anyone still unaware only has themselves to blame, but so far everyone has got points on the board.


With limits of 1 hit, or even the 50k we use, it is easy to see anyone who over attacks. Peer pressure keeps most in line and a couple who wouldn’t learn have been cut loose. If someone can’t resist that urge here, are they reliable enough to cover their responsibilities during war? Most likely they were the point snipers who held back looking for last hit points when those paid more to personal totals. When someone is a troublemaker in one area it will most likely reappear in others. Mr Boot meets Ms Butt.


Its a bad system that needs to be reworked. if there is not enough communication between the faction stuff like that its gonna happen


Need more communication. People got a bit to crazy using all 6 attacks.


Or easy as fuck set a free for all too red boss then hold. for 24hs