Tier 4’ing 6*’s - worth it?


The stat difference is a little over 100 points for each category…is that worth the time and potential money spent to get the gear to tier 4 6 stars? IMO it doesn’t seem like it. Why make it so difficult to get the gear for such a mediocre payoff with gameplay? Rhetorical question - obviously all about money for Scopely


40% def and health boost on that 100 points
Plus 30% health and def boost from a possible weapon…

And those boosts are multiplicative… those 100 points end up being a lot more


However it is possible to raid full t4 6* teams with the right t3 6* teams



yes… thats like saying is it worth tier 4ing 5s


While true that those small bonuses can compound, I feel that the stat difference between a maxed T4 and T3 have enough wiggle room to where it isn’t necessarily the end of the world if I don’t have a T4 team. Simply put, it’s just merely stats that can be circumvented and countered if I have the right team.


When you come up against a team of 5 T4 6* and you only have 5 T3 6* I’m certain that you will notice the difference then.


With so much different mechanics like special weapon stats, or specialist skills like Guardian 2, sometimes just having the right team synergy might be enough. We’ll start to see different synergies the more 6*s are released.


Yeah by June 2018 unless you buy promos :joy::joy:


Already said this? K


I appreciate looks over stats. It sounds silly but they look so much cooler maxed.


May be a 100 points but you have to account weapons an leader buffs also some t3 6* look ugly cough Dwight cough and so t4 gives them a better look i actually have a fac mate with a t4 mira and jab also has a t4 shiva so best person to ask of they are worth it is jab


Honestly, i don’t think it makes much of a difference. The advantage is always with the attacker and had they wanted this to mean something much more they would have made tier stats increase exponentially. This would really have made people strive for the gear required but as it stands I honestly think most T4 just to complete a player and roster but does it really make a significant difference?


Just think of Erika with that that leader def and hp bonus with a 30% hp 35% def huge bonus when taking dmg and what as the tank keeps healing.

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Right @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


Solely for level up points its worth it even before the added stats come into play


Yes. Tier 4 is worth it but make sure you select toons that you believe have a long run way.

My list of worth it


NO, those stats make a minimal difference. IMO. Extra stats are nice but with how powerful 6*s are, won’t move the needle much. In certain teams maybe but overall, nah.


I’m doing Shiva because that extra boost in hp and def can can handy when on defence team


Personally I would hold on to any teir 4 gear and save your coins for that human Shield six star lol…but seriously I would hold on to it fought full teir 4 six star teams and it really didn’t matter just made the fight more longer and that’s it.