Tier 4 advice who should get the gear?

I finally got the gear to teir 4 a toon. So it’s between carl, shiva and wyatt. Any advice on who I should go for?

I would say shiva for more attack,unless your carl is not tanky enought.

Definitely Shiva. Best char there, works great on offense and defense.

my vote goes to Shiva

Always Carl. Devetes Shiva always

Shiva 100%

Shiva !

outve those 3 shiva.

Shiva at tier 4 is a huge upgrade. I vote her also.

I’ve not noticed enough of a difference when facing a tier 3/4 Shiva. She is great, but I think keeping carl alive longer is more important.

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Went for shiva thanks for the advice everyone

Definitely Shiva

I did carl… shiva nvr dies… carl does.

Carl’s gas mask looks cool, but Wyatt gets those glasses :dark_sunglasses: