Tier 3 craft vs Tier 4 craft (3rd slot)

Are the trait results as likely as each other or are tier 4 trait crit crafts less likely than tier 3?
I really want to craft an 8% but aren’t really bothered about the bonus hp. If tier 3 trait craft is more likely to proc I’ll just go for that. The same thinking would apply for -30ap and -50ap for red and a few others. Anyone have a clue?

Side note: Already working on command Ricks - need an 8% on top of theirs.

All tier 3 critical results have the same rating of 150 so I assume the chances of getting either 3 results are equal. However, tier 4 critical results all have one critical result of 170 rating so it could be possible that the probability of getting that is lower than the other 150 results; maybe a 20%/40%/40%. Take
blue amplification 4 for example. There’s no way that there’s a 25% chance of getting rampage(the highest critical rating) given that you got a critical result. :joy:

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Thanks for the reply. So I may as well go for the tier 4 craft for slot 3 over the tier 3 craft if they are just as likely (token permitting)

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