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I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the bears from the ticket map not counting? I’ve run it the last couple of days but haven t gotten the bears. Unfortunately I play on a kindle fire and cannot screenshot of take video of anything to send to support.

No issue here. Can’t say I’m counting for sure, but being on 55/60 without having spent much (starter pack only) I am pretty sure they are counting.

You can take screenshots on Kindle Fire. Press and hold down the Volume Down button and Power button together for one second.

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Thank you!!! Holy cow… Iv e had this thing over a year and had no idea! Lol How should I do it? Take a picture of my count, pic of the reward for map completion, then another pic of my count?

That should work.

For video, the quality won’t be great, but you can use a smartphone to record your Kindle fire screen.

Ok, thanks… I was at 23/25 a few days ago, ran the map the past two days and was expecting to be able to claim it but it still has me at 23/25 :frowning:

Ok thank you! :slight_smile:

Only issue I have with these stupid maps is that I i cant run them!
100 arrow, 0 quills.
Awesome system

I’m up to 205 arrows that will he going to waste :joy::joy:

No spending and around 25 here.

Hit the 2,100,000 mark in three levels ups and you can use some of the arrorws. Working on my third one for the quills to get the 12 bears maps.

zero spending and i am sitting on 38 bears. am sure i will get 2nd princes in next few days very easly

Do you have the Google Play Store? I had a app called AZ Screen Recorder that I used to record game clips and used some site to convert them to gifs.

Thanks baby.

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