Tickets-Cake collection opinions please

What do y’all reckon? Should i save the cakes hoping to get an F2P collection (which is highly unlikely seeing the repetitive pattern) or just stop being hopeful and cop dem 1k cones already.

About tickets, will those f2p ones be enough for S Class princess? (Maybe a dumb question loool)

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas. :sparkles:

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If you wont have any of the toons for the other collections then I’d say go for it that’s what I did I had 2k cakes that was going to waste

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Thanks, I’ll prolly cop the collectibles. Only thing holding me back is the future toon-cake collection. If they do a Priya at lvl 90 this week then i be regretting lol

Yea true but I also did have 2k cakes so even if they would out something like that up i did have some more left over even tho I dout they will do priya or the ones we grinded for for awhile again

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Got me a wangfa today. Only had 1k cakes. My luck next week’s collection will be Raven, of which I pulled 2 6* from the wheel.

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The pattern is very clear, they will continue to go through the cycle of Stoons and their base versions about every three weeks, might even switch to two. We might see return Stoons at some point (the math is still in its favour - new 6* every two weeks, but two promos every week, and people will stop pulling for almost every 6* soon).

Unless you urgently need the collectibles from this collection, I’d rather get Hengyen and Aarav ready for their collection - you’ll get double the amount, or four times if you can get the Stoon version in time.


Great 6* toon congrats

If you really need the collectibles go for it, I just feel it’s a con by Scopely to give you the bear minimum

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I am that and I don’t have enough cakes for the ticket one

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If you aren’t using cakes with toon collections and have no plans to (i.e. no Hengyen) then go for it

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Well… most of collections have been pulled toons… so ofc we have people at 3k+ siting and sitting

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That many? Wow then even more reason to go for it.

I’ve been very lucky and have managed to use most of my red velvet cake.

Im not going for it. Since im ftp going for the princess. Have 40 cakes already. If i get toward the end n can’t get her then ill collect this. But i think it costs too many red cakes. For me its better to wait until they promo a toon i have n spend 250/500 red cakes for 1000 collectables rather than spending the whole 1000 cakes for 1000 collectables

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Some good calls. Thanks folks. Think I’ll wait 10 more days to see if any usable toon-cake collection will be there, 1k cakes for this is too mucn. Should have been 2200 cols ah well…same with the comics-colls thang, will wait it out.

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