Ticket compensation

You said awhile ago that you will be sending beta players tickets on their LIVE REGION yet when I opened the beta guess what? The compensation is there instead of live region. Some peeps already reported this debacle yet you still don’t have anything to say with this. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely and other Scopely employees here. Come on you donkeys pull your shit together. Man this week is the “best” one yet.


They hqve send it to my beta aswel dumb asses

@TheSilence @warbeast Please contact our customer support by following this link https://scopely.com/customer-support/so they can have a look at the arena ticket issue for you.

Note: Remember to provide them your account code if you can. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)](https://scopely.com/customer-support/)