Tiara collection

Is anyone else not able to claim there tiara collection I haven’t collected it yet but it’s in my completed

Have a picture? And was there a way to get tiaras early? I still need 4 more to finish my collection

I’ve only seen 10 Tiara road maps. There’s still 3 to go. So how could you be finished with it?


If u miss one day you are screwed?

Yes, unless they sell some, which they didn’t yet as far as I’m aware.

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I have a bug with Aarav. It claims I’ve collected a 5* when I haven’t. Support were useless, but if the tiaras are showing up in your completed, you’ll have to try them.

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It said 10/13
So you really need us to explain why you didnt complete the collection ?


If you look further up I replied to the op that there’s only been 10 Road maps. That it’s impossible to have it completed yet.

:rofl::rofl: They were being sarcastic.

Instead of pointing out we should only be at 10/13 did anyone actually read the part of the OP where they stated it’s already showing up as collected even though they haven’t? @Jojo29 did at least, and I do believe some people have had similar issues on other collections.

So to @Ramirez13, keep collecting your daily tiaras and contact support with screenshots showing that it’s already claimed when there is no possible way that it could be finished already. Keep at them and maybe you will find one support agent who comprehends.


@Opie ok thanks

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