Thursday shirt and glove map

Is it Thursday? Maybe it’s not… Idk

@kalishane where is this map. Please don’t get rid of it because you now offer options to purchase this gear. That would be a new low.

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Are you in the UK?

All those maps are refreshing at around 5pm or 6pm these days aren’t they? bit of a pain really when ive been used to spending all of Thursday farming all these month/years

Hm… No us. Usually underway upon awaking.

Hoping it’s just time delay then. Only map I run, so wouldn’t have noticrdThnx

i wish they just leave the gear map up all the time now, its getting stupid all roadmaps are thursday … we get everything on the 2 days this is out and rest of the week were bored endless farming to pass the time

Hey, maybe they listened and moved shirts and gloves to another day since it seems like Thursday is the day they insist on dropping the energy costing maps.

Guess we will have to wait and see. Because it should be up by now for sure.

Food maps still up for another 3hr 40min so wont be until then at earliest.

Done it with all of them, the XP map doesn’t start until late on a Monday for us, leaving the map looking rather bare all day

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