Thrusday gear map, where is it?


Where oh where can you be?
Need those shirts and gloves!
Must farm my fingers off!
Need those shirts gloves!


Is basic gear roadmap gone forever?

Yes what happen with gloves and shirts
@JB.Scopely @LadyGeek


If it’s going to be strictly PTP for basic gear then this game is as good as dead. You just eliminated your FTP player base if this is the type of greed we can except going forward. I’m not completely ftp but I refuse to buy basic gear or be religated to a rng world map for minute drops. Some one needs a good smack in the mouth for this recent round of farces being dropped on what has been a loyal player base despite the amount of crap that’s been dumped on us.


Exactly, this is getting ridiculous!


I’m just a player, nothing I can do about roadmaps not running.


Every day you can farm 7-1 for shirts & gloves vs waiting & expecting a weekly map. So to say they took away the map to make you pay is not true.


7.1 drop 1-4 shirts/gloves per 3e. Gear map used to drop 7 per 3e…


But still going through 7-1 once every day will keep you going versus just sitting & expecting a map every week.


@JB.Scopely we need an answer if this is the nee norm. If this is a mistake please consider running on Saturday since it is a very important map to be able to run on a weekly basis for needed gear. If it was on purpose enjoy losing a huge part of your player base. I doubt even whales will pay for basic gear.


And the whole im going to quit or you’re going to lose a large customer base blah blah is old & it doesnt have them shaking in their boots with that threat. How many people have been shut out of the game for months who spent huge money, do you really think scopely ran to them & kissed their toes? You either deal with it or dont. Always remember they just flat out dont care as long as cash is flowing in,100 people quitting wont even make them bat an eye.


You need 4x24x7… Roughly 700 per week. If you average 2.5 shirts/gloves drop in 7.1 per run thats 280runs per week or 840e per week.

Taking in consideration the already 10 weekly cans i use to farm the rare and ultra rare gear maps hoping that rng gear will be in my favour, this seems a bit excessive. This ia basic gear needed to level up 5stars. Im level 125 with 81e with over 200 world cans, which i collected from wars. How can a f2p or even a small p2p level 50-100 survive this?


There is nothing that says you need to levelup every levelup. I only levelup when i need a toon, case in point i havent bothered with this levelup or last level up. I hit the 2mil milestone twice in the last month and halfs worth of levelups.


But again I’ve not just waited for a weekly roadmap…& ive bought the 70 coin gear box a couple times as ive been getting free coins from leagues so its not really money out of my pocket…& i also know ftp who buy them as well.


It’s not the simple lack of that map. It’s the whole gear thing that’s happened. First it was the elite and ultra gear. Everyone loved the once a month farmable map for the gear you needed. So they took it away and replaced it with the crap ultimate gear crap that gave you 1 stinking piece of gear a day. Costing cans if you had a job or an actual life to run it. Then they came up with the current all RNG maps that you might get the gear you need if you run it enough times but still completely random giving you mostly the gear you didn’t need. We adjusted to it and took it on the chin. But of course there was the gear Depot that is a piss poor substitute at best. Then here come 6s and the promise to make gear to level them widely available once they were fully instituted in to the meta. A year later and well over 100 6s available still nothing. The collections for them were good but now nothing. However there is another piss poor substitute available with the league store. Now the most basic gear map everyone uses being with held form us all. The offers to buy gear always refresh and you get the pop ups to prove that Everytime you open your game. It’s been getting worse for players not better. Constant level Up’s and events being tied to them in the form of milestones. Strangle hold on gear to even level toons you earn or buy. But always the option to buy! Where will it end what’s next. I know take the gear that drops from world maps and remove it. Lock it all behind the pay wall and drive even your biggest whales away. It’s just become a shotty way to treat players customers and hell people. Sorry ranting got away from me. Just my opinion I could be wrong…


Taking this map away really hurts new people playing the game. It’s completely unfair to them. I’m glad I have a stockpile of shirts and gloves. But I would like to keep it that way. Run out once cures you of not running out ever again.

You remember what it was like in the beginning. If you didn’t do that map you didn’t have gear to train 2*s. This really hurts the new peeps playing.


But you are correct in many ways


If you don’t level up almost every level up tourny, your not getting 6* gear. Can’t tier them up without the gear


Maybe… they will put the normal gear roadmap in to the gold radio, so everyone have to pay to farm shirts and gloves lol :rofl::joy::rofl::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Lol I still have those gold radios :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Personally I started to farm 4.3 that gives only gloves, roughly 2-5 so I would say some kind of avg of 3.5-4.
There’re also other early stages that gives shirts only for 3 energies.

So far it didn’t look look that bad tbh, especially without any good road map running at the moment.

ah, as a side note I’m sitting over 300+ World cans and running just 1 training ground. Not going very hard in levelup because of crap prizes and no collection items for 6* gear.