Throwback to the 6* era

Same old bs as now, people complain blah blah but then u all mtfkers keep on spending, if u cut it=no money=we win as simple as that


How do you win if no one spends money? The game dries up and then nobody has anything to complain about.

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That is fake news, the games not going to shut off lol and the spenders support star trek and looney toons and stuff, people are crazy to think that a single toon should cost thousands and that is needed to run the game, people are being milked and this game doesnt need that much money to stay afloat esp with the half ass events and bad rewards, all the bugs, etc. So much stockholm syndrome in this game it makes me sick, brb ima go throw up cause i know another “gotta give scopely 5k each month so the game keeps running” :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


My post is the mindset of people. The constant chicken little comments and threads. The same people saying the same thing every day. They are so miserable in a video game that they feel the need to post over and over and over daily.

Not everybody hates the game in fact I see a lot more people in regions that I play in that seem to be extremely happy to band together and get these events taken care of or missions rather. See it’s not that bad in the game these new characters that everybody seems to complain about our extremely low percentage of teams you meet in war. So I really don’t see the problem.

Why are you so worried about what I do with my money? Are you my wife have you been tricking me and not telling me you’re playing this game? You’re so sly and silly

Yet you continue to mention my financial situation right? If you are not in position to buy or pay for the things that you like to do then you don’t do it right? If somebody wants to spend they are going to just because you say they shouldn’t doesn’t mean they should stop. You can keep laughing well you know nothing about most of the people that play this game yet you fight and say that everybody is miserable. Well there are people that aren’t there are people that are happy and I was part of the wave one region CRW that everybody cried about this weekend.

It’s gonna be OK if you don’t like what’s going on just go away nobody’s holding you here. Like I said before everybody use the excuse that they’ve made friends here or blah blah blah. But what if your friend wanted to meet you at a restaurant every day in that restaurant didn’t meet your standards or give you enough free french fries are you gonna stay there? No you’ll just go to another restaurant. September 27 is getting close I hope you like your new restaurant.

#September27 #ChickenLittle

Can someone get some of the kush or popcorn?

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Congratulations, so am I on the actual phone I actually paid for and not financed through my cell phone company.

It’s funny how you keep worrying about what everybody spends every comment is something about money. It’s OK if somebody has something more or different than you . I’m not saying I do I have no idea what you have you might have a lot more than I do you have all kinds of tangible products that I don’t have. But I do have what I want and I do choose to do what I want to do with the money I earned from the business that I own.

Since you Have deleted the game what is your vested interest now just to make your opinion now? Because there are plenty of those here We don’t need somebody’s opinion but don’t even play the game anymore. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new restaurant have a good day my friend.

So what you’re saying is with all the money you have saved by uninstalling the game or by not buying stuff in the game you have acquired multitudes of tangible objects.? Yet with all your riches in tangible objects you choose to sit on your phone and watch forums? You’re right it is getting good.

Forum is definitely more entertaining than the game


I have said it before we should make an S-Class shame list screen shot any one who has them, so we know who to blame.

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Blame scopely greed

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Might want to ask them why they’re spending. Can’t be for fun. All of these events don’t net them anything good. So what do massive spenders have? War? What teams are they facing? If it’s people who spend way less than them, it can’t be fun to mindlessly destroy them super easily.

If it’s someone who somehow spends as much as them, what’s the fun there? Beating an equal team fighting for suuuuper shitty wheel toons that they’ll never use? Nope, just e-peen.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars for e-peen. Lol!

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That avatar though… blazing hot!

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Nooooooo I’m getting Pete just 3 more LU wins🤗

You’re still getting shamed for that desperate dash past the orphans to the lifeboat

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Pete will be outdated by then lol :joy:


Ok that’s it no more LU got me😂

Pete is already outdated when we speak right now


My Phone is paid for by my company. Not sure what box I belong to… :thinking:


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