Throwback roadmap?


so what was I supposed to complete??


I was just going to ask about this. Hopefully they fix it soon.


I see this map in Gilmer but not my two other regions. Interesting


Yeah lol wtf


it was probably an error releasing it since we havent had days gone bye 2 yet never mind releasing 3


And once again LiveOps ftw!


Lol, i see it as well. Good ol scopley magic. Least we know where they will be when they pop up.


Oh good, saw this too and glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.


why didnt you complete the roadmap? now you cant have the next two.


I wasn’t aware we had to complete the first roadmap already… thanks for the heads up Scopely


Free all new 4 star Rick for completing it.


I can’t even complete the first yet


Holy Christ.

Just get one thing right scopes.


And break the streak? They are so close to setting the all-time record for consecutive fails. Let’s see if they can do it.

TBD Indeed! :smirk:


Are you kidding me? I thought I missed something while I was gone. Damn you, Scopely.



Can you comment on this?


They are truly the most inept company around. How can they mess up quite literally everything they release. It’s not as if they are a little two man operation. They’re a multi million pound company. Pathetic.


When I saw it I was wtf. Then I got on here and see everyone is saying the same lol.


And they are releasing a new feature as well :joy::joy: before fixing the issues they release shit with new issues… truly inept.


Everyone just shut up and keep surviving!