Three Year Anniversary Event


hes the strong Garret and we are almost half way in the event with 3700 candles if we count the new raid tourney we just got, so if my maths right everyone can get him at 6stars or as a 5star at the least


^^^ yeah it’s looking very well like we should all be able to get the 5* ascendables version just by regular activity and hitting first 3 milestones. The 6* may be a little harder to get.


making your 3 year anniversary character hard to get for all players seems a little strange don`t you think? its like making yourself look bad on purpose


But everyone who is active and has been playing for at least 6 months should be able to get the 5* ascendables version it seems. The road map isn’t very difficult and the candles show up in the first 3 milestones so besides very new players I would think most should be able to get the 5*. I feel not everyone should be able to get the 6*, you should have something extra for the top players or some incentive for the people who spend. If people who spend end up getting the same thing everyone else gets, it defeats the purpose of spending to get an advantage. But who knows, maybe everyone will be able to get 8000 candles without spending. I’m just trying to be realistic about it.


i know what you mean, if this was a normal event i would even be ok with the 6star Garret going to those who pay, but its not a normal event and you don`t want to be that greedy with your anniversary event rewards


No, it’s not looking like everyone will get him since players are being screwed over with incorrect candles and cakes. smh :man_facepalming:t4:


Yeah that’s why I said should. They should get him. But if scopely can’t get their shit together then who knows what will happen.


well I’m an F2P and I easily managed to get 8100 candles without paying anything so I guess it was easy task to get the Legend toon.


I still got 2 days to GO.