Three Year Anniversary Event


When gonna be roadmap/event for the pink candles?


Is there a trick to reading these leaderboards? The format is awful! I could at least see a couple lines on the last one but I can’t see anything on this one and can’t switch orientation


Also looking for more pink candles! Doesn’t it erk everyone’s inner OCD to have a different quantity per color?! I wonder if we will get candle drops during raids for the solo raid?


From the announcement:


Any word on if candle leaderboard progress migrates regions with you?


mine transferred over


Mine reset when I moved :confused:


@JB.Scopely Will CRW part 1 & CRW part 2 milestones be lower than regular CRW since they’re both not even 24 hours tournaments?


Mine were reseted too. I hope we’ll get them back


I got the same issue


They don’t reset completely when you move. I read somewhere a reply about it from JB stating it could take 72 hours to transfer the global leaderboard progress over and that if it isn’t showing for you when the event ends they use the server data to determine your reward tier.


Is there a web based leaderboard we can see? The anniversary event leaderboard doesn’t even load on any of my android devices.


Love this Anniversary event so far, plenty of freebies and easily obtainable stuff!

Need GPS bad though @JB.Scopely. :wink:


Quick question - when you claim the museum items does it reset your cake count for the week reward ? Because it’s showing that I only have 200 some odd cakes on the list but I’ve claimed the museum reward 4 times already.


@JB.Scopely: i have a question regarding the candlesticks event , if i have enough points for tier 1-2 reward but id rather get the tier 3 reward instead , would that be possible or will i have to stop going for events so that i dont gain any candles?


why would you want the human shield Garret? Yeah, he`s a human shield, but a bad one at that. The only good 5star human shield is the fast Michonne


He woule be of a more use to me than that legendary garrett, gold defensive mods behind erika with stun gun might be useful, so to me this is the prize i actually want not that garrett who will sit unascended


My advice for you. Forget about the 5* char. As was stated before a ranged 5* shield even with erika ls support will not help any defence significantly. Of course if your enemies are attacking with a high amount of 5* chars, it will help for some weeks, but your enemies will improve too. In one month any 6* you can use more than a 5*.
The best 5* shield you can use is shieldchonne with abs def weapon and even this shield will survive one or two rounds less than a 6* shield, which is significant in defenses.

And what you have to learn is, that even if you think a char is worthless at the moment it can be the key for a future attack or defense team. We had a lot of these examples in the past.

e.g. yellow 5* clementine as lead against r1 teams
yellow 6* zeke also was not taken serious by a lot of players in the beginning is now a key char in nearly every f2p carl defense and more

as a long term player especially if you are not paying very much, you should take each opportunity to get unique chars and/ or weapons


Any idea about the tier 1-2 garrett? Because i heard rumors say that it is the blue garrett and that the green garrett is an extra prize for top scorers, is this true?


Tier 1 should be brand new 6* Garrett. Tier 2 should be his 5*. Tier 3 is one of the 2 human shield Garrett’s but I haven’t seen it clarified Alert or Tough.

I can’t check the leaderboard. It’s acting very buggy for me.