Three Year Anniversary Event


So not everyone gets Garrett. Its just who gets the most candles? Someone explain please?


It was explained as a scoreboard so yes, the top prize goes to the top person or people on the scoreboard depending on how they set it up. Check in game in the anniversary button. Look up the prize list. It breaks down the prize for each level.


Ah ok. What a load of poop haha


Garret goes to anyone with 4000+ candles. 8000+ yields the 6* outright.


But the real question is can we get 6* garett without paying? or are they gonna be selling candles…


They’re already selling cakes

Edit: If it’s anything like the all out war event, candles will be sold too


I didnt see them … I did hope we could get him without paying now I’m preety sure we cant even get an ascendable…


I’m sure it’s still possible, it’s just the buying will ramp up the numbers and competition for the top spots


@JB.Scopely @Agrajag @Shawn.Scopely @SandySurvivor @Hedge seriously can we get a friggin response!!

Leaderboard event during transfers… Explain… Reference @LadyGeek post


@JB.Scopely responded to it in a thread specifically about it. His answer was not a concrete answer so I won’t quote him but he said he was getting the designers to give him a response.


So pretty much no real answer. Great! They sure think things through… Lol


I get the blank screen as well - been a bug now for the past few events.


I also get the blank screen and also past events as well


For what should be a celebration, the glacially-slow drop feed of tokens is kinda depressing. I’m into the event, but it feels like the worst kind of grudging generosity.


That is because cakes are already for sale in the shop, candles may be also, but I know I saw the cakes already. Meaning the leaderboards are useless. If you have an event that is about gaining the most of something, at least have that event not be based on who can buy the most.


@JB.Scopely are there any fixes for those blank screens?


Switch to another game,lol


I have my bank open to get 6* Garret and the cakes :joy:


So you replace normal scheduled events rewards with “3 year Ana” rewards which don’t seem to have anything to do with 3 years of being in operation nor players who have played from the start?

Well done. And the bags on sale that will eventually be the only way you can actually redeem this reward is a nice touch as well. This will be a repeate of the purple token event.

It’s no wonder players complain constantly.


@JB.Scopely Are there going to be equal amounts of tournaments for this event? The last event had more lvl ups than SRs. I ended up having 5k less scarves then sticks.