Three Year Anniversary Event


So another 'lucky token ’ event where some wont get a pull and get 1x1 supply points for grafting for 60 days… can’t wait



Here is what I get when clicking on the icon

At least it has the X to close it


It looks like if you manage to collect a total of 4000 candles you will get his 5* version. If you collect 8000 or more you will get his 6* version


From what it seems like, we can get them but only when they benefit one trait, a.k.a SR toons.


Why a leader toon again?


@JB.Scopely is there any differenc between the candles (other than where you get them)?

Can you confirm the answer to @LadyGeek’s post about losing progress (on this multi week event) if you transfer?

Is there a calandar like for sticks, igniters etc? That was very useful.

Also a comment - this leaderboard format sucked in rise to power and it already appears to suck here (despite listing your individual candle count clearly). Please don’t use it again.


That’s what mine has looked like the last 3 events too


Is this new 2 war e’s to take a tower part of the anniversary celebration too?


How so? I am not seeing that

nvm, some faction mates are seeing the same thing


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it was stated somewhere that transferring to beta region can be done but progress etc will be loss and i believe they will kick you out after a certain period of time so its not to full


A lot of negativity over a good looking event… this is why we can’t have nice things :pensive:


Just curious, why is Garrett (green 6*) not in the ascendancy tower.

Surely I’m not the only one who wants to see his full rush


Good looking? I think that’s subjective.


@JB.Scopely will there be daily inbox rewards like anniversary events from the past?


Still… Not… Bitten!


sorry ive must been missing something is this candles leaderboard faction or solo thing


@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

Any info would help


But don’t they keep the collectable from milestones and roadmap can’t they just get milestones in many regions for the Free cakes