Three Year Anniversary Event


It’s been three years since we’ve released The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, and we are celebrating with a new multi week event!

During the Three Year Anniversary Event, participate in various select events to collect Candles and Anniversary Cakes. These items will place you on two separate leaderboards that will earn you valuable rewards.

Candles Leaderboard - the first leaderboard tracks your personal progress of collecting Candles over the course of the next four weeks.

The are three Candle types available to collect:

Pink Candles - available in Survival Road Tournaments, Roadmaps, etc.

Green Candles - available in Raid Tournaments, Roadmaps, etc.

Blue Candles - available in Level Up Tournaments, Roadmaps, etc.

Your personal score on the Candles Leaderboard will be the total of these three Candle types collected. The more you collect, the better rewards you will receive at the end of the Anniversary Event after four weeks. Top prize is a new Legendary Garrett!

Anniversary Cake Leaderboard

This second leaderboard will see you compete against your fellow players to determine who can collect the most Anniversary Cakes in a global ranking. These Anniversary Cakes will be available in various Tournaments, Wars, and more.

The Anniversary Cake leaderboard will reward limited time tokens for the new Year 3 Token Wheel Event in the Token section of Recruits & Rewards. The top ranked players will receive the most Year 3 Tokens! Redeem these Year 3 Tokens for a guaranteed Ascendable Epic or Legendary Recruit!

This Anniversary Cake Leaderboard will run for two rounds, two weeks per round, with Year 3 Tokens being distributed at the end of each round.

Anniversary Cake Leaderboard (Round 1) end: 2018-9-05 20:00 UTC

Anniversary Cake Leaderboard (Round 2) end: 2018-9-19 20:00 UTC

Anniversary Collections

In addition to getting on the Leaderboards, also head to the Museum to redeem your Candles and Anniversary Cakes in the two Anniversary Collections to receive more rewards, including trainers, gear, and Year 3 Tokens! Do not worry, consuming these items will not reduce your leaderboard progress.

Make sure to claim any items in your rewards inbox so they are tracked in the Leaderboards!

Leaderboard progress updates every 15 minutes. Leaderboard rewards will be distributed within 72 hours after each leaderboard ends.

Anniversary Event Start: 2018-08-22 21:00 UTC

(Leaderboards, Collections, Year 3 Token Wheel begin)

Anniversary Event End: 2018-09-19 20:00 UTC

(Leaderboards and Candle/Cake events end.)

The Anniversary Collections will continue for a few days to allow for any late claims, and the Year 3 Token Wheel will be available for an additional month.

Anniversary Collections End: 2018-9-22 20:00 UTC

The Year 3 Token Wheel End: 2018-10-22 21:00 UTC

More Anniversary tokens?


gratz on 3yrs. been here since the start. good to see the game still churning along.


Thanks @JB.Scopely. This looks to be way better than last years event


Appreciate the up front info and not having to guess what’s going on as it rolls out.


wait. forgive me if im completely wrong, the only people to get garrett will be the top guys? what about us lower guys?


There will be other prizes


I interpreted that as a milestones type of thing. But I’m probably reading what I want to. Not what it’s saying. lol


the pessimist in me thinks this will be like the rise to power event. spend to top the boards.


So F2P has a chance at good 6 starts again? Now that’s what I love as an F2P. Praying for Erika or any shield thanks scopely!


So…players who transfer during this event lose their progress?


That’s definitely something that needs to be cleared up. I believe it just means the level up event or the likes but is a good question for the scoreboard for the anniversary event.


Another HP/damage AP legend? At least I can care less.


We need answers to this question…
@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely


Im hopeful but skeptical tbh. “if something seems as though its too good to be true, it probably is” comes to mind with this wheel…


ohhhhhh @JB.Scopely this would a real nice kicker to release a feature that negates your overarching event that is starting at the same time!


As long as we can all get at least one pull I’ll be happy.


Can we for once not get a AP when taking damage F2P toon?..


I can see this being another grafting event where you end up with crap rewards unless you are one of the very top players. Been burnt many times in the past to get excited with this. Really hope I’m wrong.


Nice wheel with Connor being the worst of the bunch