Three days in a row. Damm I suck

So I’ve faced off against this guy now for three days in a row on SR, I’ve dropped down to 397. Cannot wait to see another different set of guys. His dang heal rate while taking damage is too high at this level. I’ve killed the other guys, but left with him, after yesterday of 15 minutes of firing on him I gave up.
Well done scopes you made an impenetrable character for me to fight.
Well cest la vie. Maybe better luck next week at level 396

Do you have a disarm or someone that does main or bleed?

Confuse is your friend

Moira helps me with shields, I take down enemy teams from the inside out, from weakest to the strongest. Lol get her while you can, save hates and coats for 2 weeks.

I don’t know what the stage requirements are, I presume all tough?

Someone already mentioned disarm which would negate his skill for a couple of turns. I’d hope you’ve got Earl at least for that.

One other option is heal reduction. Not sure about good tough toons with it, but even a sucky 50% reduction toon would make a big difference. Charlie or Christa would be good options if you aren’t limited to tough.

The final other option is Maim. Regina could be a big help here - yes it will take four rushes to conclusively kill him, but I presume from your post that you aren’t dying against him, just unable to kill him.

Stun him. Maim him with Regina (Super easy auto battle team). Stack the bleed with fast Shiva. Disarm. Debuff him and buff yourself. Make sure to defend instead of attacking with those who deal little damage, so you don’t give him more HP than necessary. Heal reduction.

And that’s just off the top of my head. It’s SR, you will have to pick the right team, and the wrong team might get stuck - happened to me plenty of times, especially when I didn’t notice Stevens was on the team and that I couldn’t deal enough damage to counter the vitality.


The legacy Dwight that was free last December has 75% if maxed, and 50% at level 1. Would even be a somewhat decent leader.

Another option in all blue: 5* ascendable Abe. One crit and you can just wait it out.

If you play it right, a burn tactic with firestarter Maggie might work as well - just make sure you keep someone else around so you can charge AP without triggering his heal.

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Maim bleed or burn his ass to death

Thanks for the tips guys. Next time he shows I will try a few of these pointers.

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