Thread #3 (1 year 7 months broken) Ascendence tower - forever bugged

Does anyone remember when the ascendence tower used to function properly?

Like, the icon in your town would only pop up when there was actually a new toon in there, not just randomly all of the time.

And remember when those little red notification markers next to the toons would actually go away and stay away when you view them and not reset randomly all of the time?

Will this ever be fixed and put back to the back to the way it was supposed to function?


The only thing that works properly is what they make money on


I think there are other things that trigger it.

Firstly, if you level a character to a point where they can be ascended I think that triggers it.

Also, I think it gets triggered when they pump in data that isn’t visible (a.k.a coming to a Russian Social Media page near you).

It is definitely bugged, but I think there is still a modicum of logic behind it.

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That’s the least of my concern right now. There are many other things that should be fixed before that.
You think no one noticed that.? Everyone knows that but were just don’t want to spam the forum . With useless posts .
If we start to write about everything wrong in this game we will never stop .
We just getting sick of scopley ignore everything we write so no one is writing unless it’s a f#### mess

Well I believe it’s bad to set a precedent that we are ok with the game being a mess of bugs. If we don’t hold scopley accountable it will stay bugged forever.

Think of how long territories were bugged. You think it would have been better to just accept that and never post about it?

What about the War leaderboard bug. I stayed on top of posting about that and it finally got fixed after being broken for half a year. Would you have preferred that I stay silent and the War leaderboard stayed broken?


I am OCD and cannot stand notification bubbles LOL I am right there with you!



Any acknowledgment that if this is an issue or not? Any intention of ever fixing this or will this busted ass version of ascension tower continue forever?

Going to throw it out there, being bothered by notifications is not OCD. If you actually know someone with real, diagnosed, OCD then you’ll know that “leaving the volume on an even number” or “keeping my desk really tidy” or “having ascendance tower notifications always popping up” are not really OCD.

Now, you might well be suffering from actual OCD, as in the debilitating mental illness. But I am pretty sure that if you are, the ascendance tower is the least of your worries.


got a wife thats OCD clean and things have to be in certain places etc

My wife is clean and tidy and hates things being out of place. When they aren’t, it stresses her out. But that isn’t OCD.

Real OCD is things like washing your hands 400 times until it feels “right” because you think that, if you don’t, your whole family will die in a car crash. It is literally in the definition of the name - obsessive (the acts become an obsession at the detriment of functioning everyday life) and compulsive (the acts are an irresistible urge).


haha thats how my mrs is lol she has other little things she has to do in a certain way. she only very mildly has it

If she ever annoys me though and i wanna get her back i will move one of the tea, coffee or sugar jars so its not in the perfect position. she will have moved it back by the time i could to 10 lol

A friend of mine is now managing their OCD. Once they had to triple check apartment before leaving that everything is turned off. We once went on a day trip, which had a four hour drive - reached the destination and they had to return to check again. It’s a horrible condition if not managed correctly.

So if somebody says OCD out of your context and it triggers you? You might want to stop reading the forms because it gets a lot worse… Check out the people that use autism out of context…

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Ask this instead. Will fixing/updating/changing it or anything make scopely money? No? Then no. Yes they can make money on it? Then yes, it will be fixed/changed/updated.

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Hahahahahaha! :rofl: that is me hahaha but mine has to be in 5s, 10s or certain numbers like 12, 28, 33, 93, etc.

I wanna start by saying I’m not trying to be a dick here when I say this, but there is Way More pressing issues that need to be fixed before a Minor Visual bug is attended to. Js

We have ppl missing level up milestones bc they used Vet Rings to clear them with zero help from “support”, a Massive Lack of Gear, a Game economy that’s stuck in the 5* era, toons that aren’t working like they should ie Active Skills & Adreneline Rushes not working right, outdated rewards, Almost no f2p events, outdated and bugged to hell since day one 3 years ago territories glitches etc.

Again not trying to mean or a dick but a inconvenient visual bug, is the least of this games issues lol

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