Thoughts on Wars Current State {Poll}


I am a player on the brink of my time on this game. Only a few things is keeping me around, such as faction mates and of course… War. I saw on the April Calendar we wont be having a war for another 2 weeks which is interesting… but also that itll be only a 36 hour war again (since it only shows Saturday and Sunday).

I am an EST player so the war start time usually benefitted me which is what it is, but Friday I would typically stay up the entire night and get my 100k, take Saturday off or fill when needed, and be up Early Sunday mornings to war all day at work (a full time student with a shit job so yes I can war at work lol). I am incredibly annoyed by the change because it effects ME, so I am raising the question, Who else is this effecting?

The poll isnt perfect but I am sure you get the main message I am trying to get across in each. I will try to update the post as it goes.

  • War starting on Saturday is a good change, the 2 days works better, change is good.
  • Keep war starting on Fridays as per usual, 3 days is fine, if it aint broke dont fix it.

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Exactly. Milestone are kept the same which means 30 people have to not only fight for queue, but also hope they can be avaliable enough to reach 100k in 36 hours. Doesnt leave a lot of time if you have stuff to do on the weekend. Not to mention most wars nowadays people dont coin (or at least in my region) which means you dont have those giant wars to rake up easy points.


I prefer the shorter wars but want them to lower milestones when they do it. The prizes for milestones should stay the same but the points needed to get them should go down. 3 day wars are just such a grind anymore and i end up burnt out on the game for a few days afterwards. Also 3 day wars should have a higher tier milestone with better stuff added in my opinion. A lot of people go far beyond 100k. I’d like to see the milestones reworked and them alternate between 3 day and 2 day wars. I didn’t vote in poll because I’d like a option to have both 3 day and 2 day wars(alternating)with revamped milestones.


The current state of war is its CRAP!


They should remove war.


I totally see your point. I tried adding:

“A mix of both. There is nothing wrong with 3 days or 2 days alternating would work. Of course milestones should match the amount of time given for the war”

Said I couldnt edit after the first 5 mins and I needed to contact a Mod. Although it is the weekend so they should be outta the office.


No problem I will vote if a mod adds a option Monday.


War should be Thursday evening to Monday night and milestones up to 200k :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer the two day war, especially in region wars. It’s already so awful warring the same 3 factions over and over again. Def don’t need three days of it. Crw however should be 3 days. Just get rid of region wars while ur at it too.


Why make war shorter.? Yall killing the f2p


If doing a 2 day war… makes sense to run it like blitz 30min 6vs6.
Id be ok with that…but to run regular 8vs8 was a struggle for all regions from what I heard.


Why they are shortening war is beyond me, I imagine it is their most lucrative tourney. As a UK player this will essentially mean only warring on Sunday, while it continues in Monday morning while I will be waking up for work. I have gone from a serious spender who would pull to a monthly pass and tapjoy only player. These coins are for war cans and insta reps; I don’t spend them on anything else. If I’m only warring one day every three weeks I can survive with tapjoy coins alone.


All these events are so damn boring, give us a war. I mean 3 weeks no war?? Almost everyone dislikes that.


I can’t play at night so the Saturday start time is fine by me since I never log in on Fridays once it starts. However, I can see how it would be problematic for others. I’m good either way. I just want all wars to be CRW since the region wars are the same 3 factions over and over.


The 2 day war is good, maybe alternate between hours that are good for U.S. players and people across the sea.


I don’t mind a shorter war for inner region wars. CRW I definitely want a three day war though. I am displeased it will be such a long wait for a CRW unless the calendar changes. We had two blitzes and an inner region already. My issue is with the long wait times to pair as less and less people seem to play each war. With CRW, the wait is much less than compared to inner region.

I actually would like them to bring back the 6x6 for inner region wars - something I never thought I would say - but it does seem to help pairing issues. The wait to find someone to war with is much less on those at least.


Shorter war sucks! At least lower milestones, match times and make searches quicker. But they won’t compromise…

  1. Two day war, lower milestones.

For inner-region I’d like shorter wars with lower milestones. Like Blitz I guess. No one seems to care anymore and I have no interest in wasting cans.


Put the shorter war on the weekend and get rid of the longer wars.


All wars should be 30 minutes period. It’s a mobile game for Pete’s sake.