Thoughts on this weapon?


Just got this from earl


Very nice. Put on tyrese or Alpha and bring the pain.


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Excellent weapon



Earl failed the huge ap part on mine


Just keep trying. Be nice to Earl by buying him a Turkey for Thanksgiving and he’ll return the favor by giving you what you want.


Hey! I got the same weapon! Welcome to the club!

P.S. Give it to Tyresse if you have him. He one shots most toons with it! Haven’t seen a single red toon survive his double hit and most toons of other color either die thanks to the second attack or are left with 20% HP. The explosion animation makes it way more sweeter thou.


Very nice. I’d probably take yumiko out and add command siddiq if you have him. Gives you the option to command if you need to rush early. If not, he decent regardless giving 50% ap to a toon which is basically a free command.


Then rest the weapon and try again. :wink:


At least you got that huge ap bonus


damn still waiting AK 74 from museum :frowning: