Thoughts on this guy?

Finally grabbed a 6* Shield. Anybody been having success with him? Should I leave his Ar & Active at 1? All my 5* shields back when had level 1 Ar besides Magna. Tia


Honestly someone that runs all blue (well mostly) I do not like him most I’ve seen him do is half of Aikos health when she one shot him. I do not think he is good and kinda a waste. If you find a good use for him for sure let the forum know.


Those who have him in my region go, stun 35 def, and huge bonus when taking damage. He’s good if your opponent doesnt have a disarm.

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Yeah I’m gonna whack Stun on his weapon and also buff his defence up.

I run a blue attack team also, haven’t seen many of him yet.

I like him but I use him as a secondary/attack shield (like the way people use Shieldus) with Magna as the main shield. I think his attack and ar are a useful and reasonably strong combo.

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Congrats on a very lucky pull. He’s 100% Better than having no shield but blue is the one area where f2p aren’t at a total disadvantage.

Tell Ajax Dwight, Andrea, and Ty say hello. :grin:

I agree that he needs to stun otherwise he becomes a way to build up ar without consequence just like Koa without ap down.


Thanks man! Couldn’t believe my luck lol.

Yeah deffo gonna need stun tbh. If he can help me stay alive a little bit longer in war then I’ll be happy. Need some damn Practice Dummies to t3 him tho ugh. Need some for Governor also.

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Good luck with Earl :four_leaf_clover: I think getting stun on him will help in keeping you alive a bit longer for sure. There have been plenty of times when 4 or even 5 of my toons have gotten unlucky with stun or impair on t1 when there was no one else better to hit.

BTW You played Fallout 76 yet? Took a chance even though it’s been getting nothing but hate. Don’t see the problem. You can totally play solo and it has all the exploration and loot collecting that I love from a Fallout game.

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Ive got him with 35 def 30 hp and stun weapon.
Def set mods with hp and def stun resist and 2 filler mods. With erika lead he can be pretty tanky. But yes, trait advantage is always an issue, with any shield. Congrats on getting him

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Thanks bro, yeah I hope so!

Nah not yet, nor Red Dead 2. Gotta finish the kids Xmas shopping first :tired_face: from what I have seen it looks pretty sweet, will deffo be picking it up ASAP, if I get any gift vouchers for Xmas then it will be a toss up between the both lol

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Yeah that’s how I was gonna lean I think, stun 35% Def and 30% Hp as long as Earl plays ball. Never been lucky enough to pick Erika up as of yet.

Yeah the trait advantage can either go for or against you, gotta pray RNGesus is on my side :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks! Still buzzing lol

Great offensive sheild.

Add stun and more hp. Ap when atkijg is also an option but cause you need him to tank a good amount I donubt it’ll be effective.

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Congrats bud…i did this with his weapon

Hi is my only shield so i like him but he isnt that good with all the heavy hitting blues and mich’s running around :smiley:


While he’s not the best shield because of all the blues, he’s still a shield and distracts players from getting to the offensive toons. He’s not a timeout shield so put him win some heavy hitters would be my suggestion. I would go def/hp/stun

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Yeah one of my faction mates had said he’s a good offensive shield :blush:

Not bad at all!! At least you got the stun and first Hp crit :blush:

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Yeah that’s my thinking, hopefully he stands for a couple rounds so my harder hitters can maybe get a couple of rushes off :grimacing:

Many options for him, but stun is the worst. Look at the Weapon… now look closey… Build around this special. ignore def and add hp… a lot. you r welcome…