Thoughts on this defense team once leveled up

would you keep it this way or sub Zeke for someone?

If you can get lucky and score abs def on Aris then that’s a solid team.

I’m not going to insult you and say oh this toon would be better as clearly that’s what you have to play with…but straight up solid def team. Dante and Solange with Andrea and Carl lead…beast mode.

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Thank you for the input! I actually do have absolute on Aris and on Andreas weapon

imo zeke with his gaurdian specialist skill is more painfull thn aris…


Agreed. With mods I’ve faced teams where he has popped every single turn. He can be a royal pain in the ass.

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Thanks everyone for the advice!

Sub zeke for aris ONLY if you have a 30% crit with absolute defence weapon

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Umm. It’s gonna be easily beatable

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Some people will melt it, some will be stopped dead. Everybody has slightly different teams.

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personally would swap Solange for Zeke and not have Dante&Andrea in the same line.

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