Thoughts on the 50/50 offer?

PC gaming… Humble bundle… Not only can you get like 5 games for $1 or however much you want to donate, the money goes to a charity like red cross or st judes children hospital. Last bundle i got was a zombie bundle and came with contagion, state of decay, dying light, left 4 dead one and two for $10. Also steam, the big/main pc platform/app for gaming has winter sale and the biggest of them all, steam summer sale. You can get $60 games for $5, $10, $20. Guess what happens to cheaters? Their account gets the hammer and big red letters with the B word on their profile for all to see. Guess what happens if you buy a game and it doesnt work or you didnt get what you paid for? Money back within minutes. Games can also be had for free and played online for free using services like tunngle. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I know where my money goes, i can legit make an excuse after excuse of something better to spend my money on than this gambling app. To each their own, yes. But the grass really is greener on the other side in this case lol

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I’m upset because in the 3 years of playing this, I’ve never once had that man in my depot. I’m upset that I’ve done tons of pulls for every decap premier that ever existed and never got one. I’m upset because of Scopely’s algorithm that gives everyone extras of stuff they already have (which is why so many people have so many extra decaps) while avoiding the things they really need. Look at how lopsided the majority of people’s gear count gets. 30 walkies and 10 bags. They’ll keep pulling mostly walkies too. The game knows what you have and what you need and gives to you accordingly because if they give you what you need too often, you won’t have any reason to keep paying. Do you have any idea how stupid this game is going against 4 revives hiding behind a shield with no decap or focus? Even when I somehow manage to win, I’ve had to kill each toon twice because I can’t stop them from reviving

Konrad is good only thing is you have to have 3 more konrads or 3 more alphas and a Dwight to make him useful

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If you’re talking about blue collateral damage alpha, that’s the only one of those I have. And only one

The only thing I’m addicted to is trying to stay relevant in this game. One decap is all I need to take this game from frustrating to fun again. Decaps have been the only thing I’ve spent money on because I actually WANT to enjoy this game again. You would just think at some point, given how everyone knows how important they are, that they’d at least give me a chance to buy an overpriced guaranteed one

You’re missing the point about how people with decaps have a higher rate of pulling more decaps and people without have a lower rate. It works for everything in the game. I bet the majority of people with decaps that buy that trying to get Konrad will get another Tyresse and vice versa. Not because of chance. Scopely is in complete control here and you’re being naive if you think they’re not.

You ever open a mod box, have the game crash, open the game back up and have to open the box again only to get the SAME EXACT mod again? That’s not coincidence. Everything you open and pull in this game is predetermined and saved to every single account.

If I was just being “salty” about not getting something like I never do, then you’d see me on these forums everyday complaining about the stuff I get or don’t get. I never come here to complain about my pulls.

The “complaining” is to bring this to people’s attention. Scopely will swear to you and the majority of people believe that this game is random. That’s their only way of keeping people spending. If everyone knew that everything is predetermined, they’d have a lot less spenders and then maybe they’d change the way they do things. I am very much aware that my choices to purchase are my own. I’m stupid enough to hold on to hope that Scopely actually cares about their players. And since they’re so obviously in control, I thought maybe they’d throw me bone. Dumb on my part, yes. But no one’s gonna sit here and tell me that it’s just “bad luck” when it’s clearly not

Thank you for all of your thoughts on this. I am a mild spender, really only buy the little stuff when its a great deal. Seriously considered this one, even tho it is a bit high for me cuz I have very few blue toons. I do however have 2 tys. I think I will save my money for a better offer. Appreciate all your comments.

I simply shared my experience and you jumped all over me to defend Scopely calling me salty without even knowing the situation. I wasn’t even going to make this about scopely. I defended myself by explaining why that result wasn’t ok for me personally. You continued to try to be condescending towards me and pretend to know me by calling me a gambling addict and say it’s my fault Scopely’s entire business model is a lie.

It’s obvious at this point you’re just a pretentious prick and nothing I say is going to matter because you’re right and I’m just stupid. You’re just going to try to continue this pointless back and forth until I give up to feed your addiction for self satisfaction and worth (both of us can make random accusations). So scurry along little mouse. I’m done with you

No here you are. Alone. By yourself. Enjoy troll

This makes legit no sense


Makes more sense than being “the greatest f2p player” that talks about spending $100 on offers all the time. That’s not f2p.

The majority of my faction has multiple decaps and any time there’s a small chance for them to get another, they usually do. The ones that need them, don’t. No confusion there.

2 1st Gen 6*s in a 2nd Gen meta = Hard Pass

Same now for any promo, if it’s not gen 2 its not gonna be worth it

Exactly!!! Unless they selling them for 20$ for a straight 6* toon like the louis deal but much cheaper

Ya know it. Also I have all the decaps (besides chris) and I tried to pull a second red Sandy but scopely wouldn’t budge so makes your statement on “if ya have a decap ya keep getting decaps” false.

One day you gonna tell us the story of how you survived the first forum .

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Says they aren’t salty and they will leave you alone because you are a troll, continues to argue…


They’re 60$

I have the Konrad maxed with +40% ATK AND +30% HP and he shreds through reds with ease. Erika, Sandy or Mirabelle on Defense? Bye bye on the first round, especially if his double attack procs