Thoughts on Surprise Boxes

  • Waste of time and coins.
  • Potentially better than the wheel.

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To me, it wouldn’t be any different if I went with the wheel. But I would side with the box because there’s less characters and even if I don’t get an epic character, there’s always a couple of tokens to give me a boost for one. I personally would like to see these appear more often with ascendable epics. I know everyone has their own luck. Some need to spend a lot. Some hear that it only took a few buys. Would like to get an overall opinion from everyone here.

Only voting waste of time and coins because you only get a certain amount that you can buy and if it’s not guaranteed that even if you bought all the boxes that you will get the top prize. If it was unlimited or the prize was guaranteed then it may be worth it.

If people don’t want to discuss, they can always just put a vote.

If there was a guaranteed box containing an ascendable epic, I would imagine this box would cost a shitton of coins. At least 700. 1000 max to give you a guaranteed pull. It wouldn’t be that bad of an idea for those who save their coins.

IMHO, I can’t trust the wheel as much as the box. There’s a bunch of 4s and 5⭐s with a top prize all placed in a grab bag and the results will most likely be a 4⭐. And if it’s a 5⭐, it’s a non-ascendable “meh” one. The box has one, specific epic character and even if you don’t get one, there’s a few tokens for a boost and another character. A sort of “two for the price for one” deal.

I bet odds are the same just packed differently. The tokens you get are a low count that make you feel better but in reality might have pulled multiple fodder from the premier wheel or even multiple Ascendables. So imo it’s a wash and generally would go premier wheel but then again I go into all these things expecting to lose.

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I know a lot of vets have beef with tokens as rewards for any effort they put into tourneys. But I really do appreciate the small boost at any turn. And hey, I have 4 epics in queue. So on the off chance I get a dupe, that just mean another toon I can use to gain a better one. I wouldn’t turn down a dupe ascendable though. Another Miraboobs wouldn’t hurt to get a leg up on the competition.

And I do agree that both can be a double-edged sword. I just feel like the box doesn’t hurt as much. But if the wheel ever had a temp event where only epics and legendaries could be obtained, you can color me 500 coins drained.

Box is at least limited in number of pulls you can make. So maybe the hurt less is cause you know it’s done and it’s not sitting there mocking you.

Lol. Least that’s the difference to me.

It’s mainly because if both the wheel and the box hypothetically has a 1% chance at the top prize, among another 1% for a random epic in the wheel, I would be more content knowing that I have a 1% chance at one specific character and that character alone if I go with the box.

It’d be cool to see reasonably priced boxes with a 100% chance to pull a 5*. Wouldn’t be game breaking but would give newer players a chance at making a better roster or food for old players

Closest they did was Jeremiah at $100 for 6s. What would be reasonable cost to you?

Skimming through. My question is where is the fkn legendary gear maps!? No much difference between T3 & 4 tho.

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Some of the events for a free character had a crate that could be bought with money or coins. It would be something to have limited-time featured crates that offered an ascendable epic toon with a few Benedicts that went for 1000 coins or slightly higher. A high price but worth buying coins or saving them up.

Pretty sure there was a poll where the overwhelming majority thought that was steep. If it were 10 bucks for a non ascendable toon with maybe some use in SR or helping with urg maps for new players I would consider buying it even if I’d only use it in SR or for territory defense.

In “scopelynomics” 100 bucks for Jermemiah actually was reasonable, A fully ascended 6* for a little more than getting butthurt on the wheel seemed like a good deal to me (in comparative terms to the other 90% of overpriced bs on sale anyways)