Thoughts on Regina?

Season 4 toons have been up for a few hours now, what do you guys think about Regina with her maim decap abilities?

Definitely getting her, just build her defense up. She doesnt need atk, behind a shield and g2 is the best way.


I think she’s broke.

Good news is that she’s only broke if your on Beta. So it means she’ll work until the end of the month when the update lands…

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Already got her along with Kal and collect Ezekiel

She looks like a great attack character, I nearly maxed out her 5* already


Is evasion meant to lower her maim damage? Was just testing this out and yellow alpha was taking reduced damage. I had thought maim was flat damage

It’s possibly working fine. Maim is flat damage that isn’t affected by the enemy’s defense or your attack, but it technically doesn’t mean that it can’t be impacted by mechanics that reduce damage. Evasion and Guardian are the only two that can come to my mind that fit that criteria.

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Once fixed a great design pending you accept the tradeoffs.

Can’t scale her damage, so always need to prime the enemy if you intend to land a killing blow.

Know exactly what damage she will put out so ability to land the decap shot should be very predictable.


I’ve got her maxed out and haven’t had any of the issues that others are having. I’m very happy with her . Very nice toon once you learn to use her AR right decap 2 toons.


Is she better than ty is the question a lot are going to have… I personally dont see her being better, but some may prefer her so we’ll see when more ppl get her.

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got her she is nice but not good as wayland and she is buggy. so on first picture lee didnt even attack once and i lt ended with him alive as succes

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AS is ok other then that poop.


If you don’t atk up or debuff before striking then tyrese won’t hit worth a damn. In this scenario Regina is ideal.

If you atk up and debuff, Tyrese will hit harder.

With Regina you can basically tank her with mods since you don’t really need to worry about pure atk stat. So that may serve some advantage to players as well whom may find tyrese squishy

Just tested out some more on evasion. Julie’s active maim does a full 600 regardless of the evasion amount. I think this is bugged on Regina after all.

Did you upgrade Regina’s AR?

Yeah all maxed

Sounds bugged, but I’ll have to see screenshots/video of comparison between Regina and another maim character against evasion and non-evasion characters.

Regina sounds all kinds of bugged anyways, so it’ll probably settle more on that side anyways.

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