Thoughts on Princess?

I had enough google rewards points to buy 700 coins yesterday, so I did two single pulls and got Princess with the second pull. What are your guy thoughts on her? I just kind of wanted her because of the comics. lol

Cool character, Not massively impressed with the toon tbh.

Ehhhhh. Doesn’t seem all that great compared to other tanky characters.

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i like her. her defense is ultra high. only a couple other cards have higher def and thats only by a meager amount. shes indom so can tank hits. she has a generous amount of taunt so she can pull mfs out of shielded positions and force open opportunity. she can pretty much loop herself with that large heal when she rushes. her pain split is 3 rounds. if shes paired with another tank she aint dying anytime soon. her weapon is a great starting point even if you wanted to opt out for a different trait special. and last of all, her character model and profile pic look awesome. thats why i bought her anyway. :smirk:

She’s the blue Abe of green 6*s


If her bleed was on atk like shiva she would be 1000000x times more useful. @JB.Scopely

These on dmg bleeds just arent relevant since everything gets disarmed and when shes hiding behind a shield you can’t get to her…

This, plus her active skill is to taunt again AND elusive. All this plus her weapon where which makes people bleed (600 bleed when getting attacked), she is quite a unique char. She’s not a shield but she’s close to one.

Combine her with Carl lead and she could good on a timeout team or a status lock team.

Yeah after careful review she’s better than I thought. Really tanky and controlling.

But… Like someone else said, most will stick her behind a Shield so that negates her special ability.

May be better to run her on a attack heavy defense.

She’s an atk first controller, with very good tanking capabilities. Few people run disarm on defense, but even then, her AS makes up for the negation of any bleed damage that MIGHT get sent back when she takes damage. Run SR Zeke lead, or any huge AP when damaged green leader (Eugene, Madison, Dante, Garrett) mod her weapon with huge/huge, and you’ll be controlling mofos all day.

As a defender, she could work, but it’s extremely conditional, plus pain split for 3 turns could really backfire.

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