Thoughts on player council? Good idea or bad?

So with the announcement of player council applications do you think this will help the state of the game or delay until scopely has more of their own ideas to implement?

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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I think it’s good for what I presume will be detailed, trustworthy, player-driven perspectives and ideas. But:

  • It should have representation from all walks of the game. Not just spenders and top facs
  • It shouldn’t undervalue or undermine the feedback from the forum, Line, or surveys either. It should be another avenue to those already existing

It’s better than the status quo. We could keep going on the way things are and never see any change so what could it possibly

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Depends who’s on it and depends if they listen or just another show like the phone calls and so on


Will be a shiny worthless title that can give ignored feedback they were already getting. Why the hell do you even need a council? Spend a couple hours on the forums and there have been comprehensive lists about it all


They said they loved me on that call. Are you telling me that wasn’t true? (。•́︿•̀。)


I think it’s a good concept. Only time will tell if it’s actually good or not.

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The concept is good. But the execution will probably be awful.


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