Thoughts on new mods 5*s

I’ve not really looked into the mods system yet. Unfortunately I was one of the beta cycle locked out members (all is well now). But…do yall think the new mod system might make our 5* toons viable? Stack attack on 45 ar heavy hitters behind ap boost ldr and turn 2? Especially those that add bonuses to either attk/d# or stun/impair? Visually I love Romanov. His flame thrower is cool to watch. But that 600 attack with 3 rounds of burn round 2 could be nice? Idk…just want community thoughts. Troll free please…if not constructive then move on.

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I think it will make some 5’s viable again, Konrad, Priya, shield Michonne but I don’t know about all of them, it’s definitely gonna bring a bit of variation to the game if it’s managed right.

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Can any1 in Beta give it a trial run and see? Maybe some images of a fully loaded 5* with mods vs 6* to see the numbers ect?

I’m just curious. Very limited on my info atm. You personally don’t have to send images. I just wanna see. If it’s beta does it matter to show?

Perhaps yellow 5s with absolute d# with the total 1300 added attack ? But I see ur point. It would only put em on par with current 6 lvls and the 6s have potential for so much more. Why waste mod on 5 when u could op ur 6*

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Look at it this way. I can add 650 HP and 650 DEF to my 5star michone shield. Seems like she will tank even better, but when the enemy has 5 toons with +650 attack, she much weaker than before mods existed. Her stats are better but the five 6stars attackers stats are also better, making her def and hp bonuses irrelevant

Are mods gone once given to a toon or can you remove and place to another if you made a mistake?

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If they’re taking this from No Man’s land and especially Galaxy Of Heroes, then yes it will be.

As for my opinion on this thread, to an extent. With toons now being able to resist effects like stun and taunt, it’ll definitely help the shields as well as all toons in SR and FA. But it’s a double-edged swords because it also makes legends better so raid-wise, it won’t be that helpful unless your enemies doesn’t have any mods and/or a team worse than yours.

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The 5-stars have been weakened even more with the mods. Any team of 6-stars fully modded out will destroy any other team if they do not have mods on them for sure. The people who spend money will have a huge advantage over anyone who is f2p as they will keep buying until they have the best mods. These mods at max level will make all our efforts on weapon crafting near useless. Whats the point of having stun guns when your enemy will now have 650 extra def and 75% resistance to stun. If disarming negates mods then toons like OP Michonne and Bruce are even more powerful now.

You can remove mods for a cost but you don’t lose them.


“Even more better”

Quality grammar 10/10


More like

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I still followed even more better without skipping a beat. Cheers…drinks on the house tonight.

Chill. 7

Remember the boost they gave to all Legends stats? This will make them twice as stronger, tougher and more impossible to kill.

I’m telling, just like some other players said, this is going to break the game even further.

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These mods could have been a good thing if they never boosted 6* stats so hard. But now its OP

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I agree to the consensus. 5* are even further devalued by this change.

Having 1 slot less than 6* also means, that the set bonus you can achieve will be lower than what 6* get.

Also I guess we don’t want to ‘waste’ mods on 5*. Looks like they will be pretty limited, so it’s probably a bad idea to nit throw them on your 6*.

The only 5*s that will earn mods are amy and monica and michonne shield. Too bad theyre gonna be weaker in the mod world than they are now

The truth be said when they neared the end of the 5* era the op toons being released were starting to get people to quit rather than spend to keep up. Then the 6* meta was introduced and some people started to come back but as time went on the total lack of creativity in rewards started to drive people away. Lack of intrest to keep winning gear and tokens. Tokens all be it for obsolete toons in a new era. Regions began to decline as your bigger spenders became bored. Now the solution is to keep plugging in more op 6*s to increase spending. Im sure it has but not at the extent it once was. In reality its driving more people to just walk away and call it a day with TRTS. So now mods thats the answer. Make your spenders happy and remind everyone else of the good old days when you beat your head against the pay wall trying to compete against $1000 teams with now even more money dumped in to them with mods. Enjoy this next crw cause its going to be a taste of things to come. Erika teams with dual blue michones and magna shields. Remember the Andrea shield teams that were such a pain to take down? Well those days of glory are back. If you are not willing to drop $100 to $1000 on a team to be great on an app game then you are just fodder for those that do. Once Mods go live its only going to get worse. If you think regions are dying now just wait its going to get much much worse. I really hope im wrong but my exit strategy is already in place. Boy i hope im wrong cause at one time this was an awesome game…At one time

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