Thoughts on my newest pulls

I just got 5ascendable Tobin “on a roll” blue, from the wheel. Any tips on him? Never had a character like him. I have 6 negan Kirkman edition, 6Yumiko w/confuse and ap gain, 6beta , that I call the wreckers. I need a good leader as a buffer to negan. I just got Andrea (SC) , and Michonne (shiva force) . I also have the Doc who adds blue health lines. But none of these listed besides Andrea are leaders. My point is I need a strong 5th member and a leader. Would you suggest me work on the tobin or on the Michonne? Rn my line up is :Maggie 4*, Abraham 5* bazooka, Negan 6*, Yumiko 6* and Beta 6*. The Maggie has unreal Ex.points. I’ve had her since I began and she’s topped out. But, she’s the first to go down in raids. I need a stronger leader. Abe is okay but he’s weak too compared. He’s maxxed out. So, Michonne or Tobin on muscle? Who should I work on first? Hope I pull a stronger leader out of the tosspit. Lol. But until I do… What’s your thoughts on my dilemma?

Tobin of course. You are still running a 4* and you just got one of the current premier recruits. It’s a no brainer, a toon of his level is immediately an improvement over most of your toons. You seem to be a very new player and are still building your roster, but premier recruits are not easy to come by. I would also use Andrea as leader as soon as you can

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I’ve been playing abt 8 months. I’ve built my team rather quickly but to be honest it was mostly to prove those pay for play hollering ppl wrong. I didn’t pay a dime for my negan nor yumiko. I earned them and got them from the pulls too. The ascendable versions. I have a ascendable Charlie and another few too that are ascendable. I guess I’ve been rather lucky to get the pulls I have. But I’ve fought characters that where shiva force that were pretty tough. That’s why I asked. Tobin seems cool. I like him better then Charlie or Joshua my other ascendable. Thanks for the tip on Andrea! I’m working on her. I just got SC Saturday as a bday gift for myself.

Maybe post your full roster of 5*/6*, seems like you might be over looking some. Also what are you running on defense?


here’s my line up. Right now I’m using the 3 6* and Abraham with Maggie as my leader. For offense and defense. What do you think?

Focus on your ascendables. Charlie is great. It’s probably going to take a while to get Andrea leveled because of the SC. And don’t sleep on Kate, she is quite useful if the AI doesn’t target her

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That’s a 8 month old roster? Yikes! I would depot the whole thing and start over :grimacing:

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why would you be rude here that is just not needed :confused:


Oh, sorry bro because he doesn’t have 6* Zachary and 3 Stevens :confused:

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Get Andrea shield maxed and use as lead and shes also a shield which is great and needed now. Kate is amazing for her heals, focus and attack buff. Charlie is amazing also and can keep a enemy from rushing using his taunt as control or using it to keep a shield taunted. Tobin is great, just got mine to T4 with huge bonus to ap on his weapon, imo hes great on defense but he is great on attack with his on the roll.

If i were you i would do andrea, kate, charlie, yumiko and tobin.

Also you can ascend your 4 stars to 5 stars and maybe get an 6 star, like reds you can get mirabelle which is the standard range lead, andrea is better but mira works. You need to get a decap asap and maybe a neutralizer like lori who you can also get by ascending 4 stars to 5 stars.

In this game its better to have a stronger attack team than defense

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Thank you. That’s great advice!

I really appreciate the positive answers. That sounds like a good line up. Ill deff keep working on my Tobin. And ill take any advice I can get. My negan is pretty good. Had a s9 friend attack me in friendly and he said it took 20+ hits to bring him down but his mods are maxxed out and I like him in defense. I’m making more then 1 team but I want a killer offense as well. Thank you all for the tips. I know there’s always the very mean spirited on every group chat/ forum/ ECT. , I usually can ignore them but at this moment it just hit a raw nerve. Bc I truly have earned my way up from nothing. Not buying anything except beta. Now I am a member of SC. Scopely don’t give out characters like that and for someone to say that, shows they aren’t very respectful of ppl who honestly are trying.( negan isn’t unbeatable but he’s hard to bring down) Takes alot is what I’m getting at. As with most of the negans I’ve negans hard to bring down like most negans. Lol. That’s what I mean. Not bragging at all.

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good luck to you and you have a good start for character cards but i say to rethink the faction group problem and try to join a other small group or do a region transfer so you and your faction friends can find more so you can do wars :smiley:


Thanks. Yeah, we do need to get straightened out. As long as I’m any help to them, I won’t leave them. But maybe we can figure out a way to merge with another or disband as friends. I’m very easy going and I just love this game. I take everyone’s advice I can get. Im far from perfect and have a long way to go, but that’s the fun of it. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m sure this time next year ill be laughing at this roster. Right now, its all I have and I’m pretty proud of it. That was a goal. So I’m sure I can fulfill my hopes of getting a S9 team. All we need is to uplift each other and show a little care. I really appreciate the advice and good luck to you on your journey! May it be filled with excitement and joy! Good night and good luck to everyone.


you are my favorite kind of player and i wish my faction group had the spaces for you and your friends but i hope you have success with your group :smiley:


Wow! Did we have a civil conversation on the RTS forums?! Gasp! :open_mouth:

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I deleted 1 unfriendly persons smarty pantness but seen he or she had been smarting off under other posts as well. So I just deleted.

Thanks so much. Surely well get straightened out. Ill be around the forum. I knew abt it already just hadn’t had the time to set it up. I’m a lpn. I work alot as well as play alot.

Yeah go away with your unkindness you done said on another post that you quit the game months ago and only get on here to cause chaos. Don’t need ya under my thread causing it. Go away . I reported this.

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